Self Care : What do you think?

As the official American Self Care week comes to an end I would really love to start a conversation about what you think about self care. Do you think it’s an important topic to discuss?

As the official American Self Care week comes to an end I would really love to start a conversation in the comments about what you think about self care. Do you think it’s an important topic to discuss? Do you think it’s something that is too over looked? Do you think it’s something that people are spending too much time focusing on?

The definition of Self Care has been something that has been growing this whole year; it’s something I’ve had to learn how to make a priority in my life, literally for my health. If you do self care on a more consistent basis, what have you found as the most challenging aspects, and what have you learned this year?

I would love to know and discuss what areas you find important and what areas you find as more of a “if you can.”

Let’s talk!


7 Self Care Posts That Could Change Your Life

Make sure that you’re giving your best self during your day, by making sure you’re bringing your best self to your work life and personal life. These are some of my favorite posts how to do that!

I love self care, and I’m so proud that there is actually a week in the year dedicated to talking about self care as a subject. Closing out this work week of self care, I want to pay homage to those posts around the web that I truly love reading.

This year has been such a learning experience for me in that aspect. These posts are great reminders to treat yourself kind. Make sure that you’re giving your best self during your day, by making sure you’re bringing your best self to your work life and personal life. Here are a few helpful posts I’ve read recently!


Intentional Kindness, YES! Going about your day for seven days and intetionally finding ways to improve someone else’s life. That moment where you know you’ve done the right thing and helped another person out is just as much self care as many other aspects are. Self care also comes when you connect and find something out about someone else that you can help with!


My two favorites in this post were: asking for help, because that’s always something that I struggle with and its nice to see that I’m not the only one out there still learning this principle, and getting more sleep. I am a crazy coffee lady, and sometimes I drink coffee late at night, which at the very least keeps my mind up. However, there are also days that I drink a cup of hot sleepy time tea and have a wonderful night of deep sleep. I want to do the second of those options more!


Love this! What great reminders about what’s more important than getting any “likes”. We definitely should all be more like moms on instagram! They’re the best!


I had never had anxiety until about two months ago now, and it is not fun! If you are like me and are lucky enough to not have to suffer consistently with anxiety, thank God! If you do suffer more frequently with anxiety, I really love these tips.

For those of you who have suffered frequently or infrequently, what tends to bring anxiety on for you? What tips have you come up with that help you bring yourself back down?


I remember the first time I realized that by letting go of the anger I had for being wronged in a situation I was really letting both of us free. My mind was blown. I had never looked at forgiveness that way before. The Self Care freedom that came with that was so exhilarating. I didn’t have to hold onto hurt or anger. I was going to set both of us free to live our lives!


I was obsessed with this post from the first quote. I agree that Self Care doesn’t mean that you’re being selfish. You have to learn how to “unplug” yourself sometimes and rest before you get back to work! We all want to be our best selves in every aspect of our lives, and in order to be your best self, you have to also care about yourself!


IN LOVE. Again this was one of those posts that I was completely sucked into and couldn't stop reading. I love that It’s an interview with someone who has self care as one of their main focuses, even for their work. These were two of my favorite quotes “Burnout is a real, dangerous thing and so is autopilot” and “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” These remind me so much of my post about having no more pie.

Great Stuff!! What posts do you love and read over and over again that remind you to take care of yourself? Leave a comment with your favorite self care post from this year!

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending
— C.S. Lewis

Starting With You: Self Care Ideas

Self Care isn’t about putting yourself above everyone else, but in order for your to give the best of yourself to others, work and your relationships, you have to care about yourself just as much as you would care about someone else.

With this week being National Self Care Week it’s important to take a moment to think about the “why” and the “what” of self care. Self-Care isn’t about putting yourself above everyone else, but in order for your to give the best of yourself to others, work, and your relationships, you have to care about yourself just as much as you would care about someone else.

Imagine it like this. You own a car and you put gas in it, continuing to drive it around town. Eventually the check engine light comes on, but instead of taking that as a warning sign you figure something must just be wrong with the signals in your car so you keep driving. You don’t get the oil changed, you don’t check the fluid levels, you don’t check your tire pressure, you just keep driving. You will literally end up driving your car into the ground because you didn’t care for it enough for it to be capable to care for you.

It’s the same with humans. If you don't take those warning signs you know are your personal warning signs of: working too much, not sleeping enough, not eating correctly, etc., your body is going to break down and make you slow down.

Self-Care, no matter the busyness of life, is a necessity. I firmly believe self-care is in three stages. mental, physical and spiritual. If you only focus on one of those you will cause the three legged stool to fall over. You need to balance out the three evenly in order to have a balanced life.


  • Deep clean one room in your home

That feeling when you walk into your space and you know it’s clean is so wonderful. Your mind has more space to be creative or work more effectively if it’s also not worried about having to keep track of where things are or where they need to go.

  • Bake Breakfast

There’s nothing like coffee and a pastry. Morning you will be so excited when they wake up and there is a loaf of banana nut bread, or blueberry muffins to take for the commute to work. You can do this on Sunday night so that for the entire week you don’t even have to think about it. You know that you’re covered for breakfast.

  • Say “No”

Do not feel guilty about this one! It’s actually the opposite. You’re taking care of yourself and paying attention to your body. You know if you’re so tired that you don't really have the energy to go to that party or out to dinner. Listen to your body before it makes you listen. Saying “no” is ok!


  • Learn one new piece of equipment at the gym

One of the reasons that many don’t go to the gym is because it’s intimidating to look at all of the machines and wonder “what even is that?” Learn one new piece of equipment at the gym so the next time you’re there you already know how to use it!

  • Go outside during golden hour

Go outside and take a walk, don’t go with your cellphone (although this is the best time of day for photography). Go outside just to be outside, see the sunset or watch the sunrise. Take a walk literally around the block to pay attention to the leaves and breath in the cool air.

  • Check to see if you’re due for any doctors appointments

Not everything about self care has to do with bubble baths, although those are wonderful! There are aspects of self care that are important in different ways. Check to see when your last eye appointment, or physical was. Are you due for a new one?


  • Take a look inside

When was the last time you had a really hard laugh? What were two things that you did this week that brought you energy? Write down your answers. Knowing those helps guide you towards your larger lifetime goals.

  • What are you listening to?

What’s actually important to you? What to know…check what you’re spending your time on. Are you listening to what the world is telling you is important, or are you sticking with what you know is important. Whose opinion matters more?

  • Realize that it’s ok to practice self-care

I don’t want to start any controversy, but I read an article recently that pretty much bashed self-care for Christians. It was talking about how self-care isn’t of God because you’re not relying on Him, you’re doing other things to function. I personally feel that person had the wrong definition of self-care.

I fully rely on God and I truly believe what He has planned for me will come to pass, and nothing I’m doing when I’m taking care of myself is anti-God. There will always be the potential of the “too much gene” and I do believe you can over self-care, but the actual act of self care isn’t wrong. How can you be your best self for God if you aren’t taking a sabbath and resting. God rested on the 7th day, why would I think I’m better than He is? Why would I feel that I can handle more without asking for help or taking a moment to breathe?






7 Ways To Change Your Mindset

What you think is what you will become. That is how powerful your mind is! Improve your mindset in simple ways! - AVintageJoy

What you think is so important because, what you focus on you will become. How powerful is that! The more time you spend focused on your goals the closer you will get to them, and the more time you focus on the waters around the more you will start to sink. 

How beautiful that the mind is that powerful. That if we are focused on the beauty in life and how wonderful it is outside, when the snow falls, you will love winter! And how beautiful is it that our minds are always evolving. What we think today can grow tomorrow. It can grow deeper and more solid and become a belief or it could start to change and alter our views on a subject.

Here are some action items that you can start today to improve how you think.

  1. Talk to yourself don't listen to yourself

  2. Take a walk around the block

  3. It can be a bad moment, but it doesn't have to be a bad day

  4. Pay attention to your self talk

  5. Give to others

  6. Give to yourself

  7. Write it down


When I first heard this, it was one of those mind blowing moments. Yes, it may sound like something on instagram that you would scroll past, but it has helped me personally. When we talk to ourselves out loud we end up saying different things than we would if you were just listening to yourself. Those negative thoughts about your own talents or a situation sound wrong when you say them out loud. You also realize that it's not a passing thought, you start to change how you're thinking because you realize what you're thinking.

If you start to feel anxious about life, talking to yourself and telling yourself the accurate information is so much healthier than listening to your self talk when you’re not in the best metal state to be listening to yourself.

Further Reading: The Money Alchemy Blog: What’s Your Self Talk?


It doesn't matter if you're at home or at work, take a moment to step outside and literally walk around the block. Getting the fresh air, away from any computer or cell phone helps your mind to start to clear. That daydreaming part of yourself slowly starts to emerge, and it's good for your body in general to be out in the sun.


When something just goes wrong it doesn't have to define your entire day. If you break something it doesn't have to now have your entire day be about that one moment where something broke. Taking each moment for what they are helps you to not focus on the same moment when it no longer exists. 


Realizing what you say to others and yourself is half the battle. When you take a step back and realize the amount of grace that you may not be giving to yourself it is such a shame. You are wonderfully created.

There is not another like you that ever was or ever will be, how amazing is that!! The purpose of your life only you can fulfill and that's a wonderful thing! Take a moment to think about that! Your self talk should motivate you to work towards your goals, whatever they may be. You are the only you that will ever you! And in the most wonderful way, be proud of that.


Improve your thinking, by not thinking of yourself at all! The next time you're getting a coffee purchase the coffee for the next person in line. When you're at the grocery store, purchase some extra breakfast bars to give to someone in need. This one will be soley based on motive if you succeed. Take yourself out of the equation and do something purely for the benefit of someone else! You will have the wonderful reward of feeling refreshed! 


Give yourself resources! IF you want to learn about flying a plane, pick up a book! If you want to lear about how to be the best (fill in the blank) reach out to someone you admire that's doing it! Ask your friends to give advice on a step they think you could take to walk in the right direction. If nothing changes, nothing changes! 

This doesn’t have to be a big step, but if you take one step today towards your goals that’s a step that not everyone else took today!


Take your thoughts seriously by writing down what they are and where you want them to be. If you want to have the correct mindset on work or school or a reminder of your "why" you may want to write something like: "I'm working to be able to support myself through school in order to have less dept." or "I'm working for God, not for the praise of man."

Write it down and stick it on the back of your front door, that way you see it every day before you head out. You can write it down in a bullet journal . I use this bullet journal, or it can become something that you say out loud to yourself in order to start your day in the right state of mind.

Further Reading: Sorelle Amore: How The Bullet Journal Advanced My Life

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I love these journals, and I hope you do too. If you snag a journal, I would receive a small amount of money. It would be at no additional cost to you!

"7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." - Galatians 6: 7-9


How to Relax Mentally

Life can be difficult sometimes, but it's important to relax mentally as well as physically. Here's some step how to relax mentally!

Life can be difficult sometimes, but it's important to relax mentally as well as physically. Here are some practical ways to relax mentally! In August I was very blessed to have multiple days off in a row, and I used them to their full advantage. A couple of friends and I decided we were going to road trip to the grand canyon and back. It's important to allow your mind to reset and relax as well as finding ways to allow your body to physically rest. The mind is a muscle and just like it's important to take a day off of exercise to allow your muscles to recoup, it's also important to allow your mind to relax. 


Before any of the "how to's" start this is the first step because when you first realize that your mind needs to relax as much as your body, it's easy to try to force relaxation. To "make" your mind relax in order to be more productive later on, but are you really relaxing if it's forced? No, the answer to that is no. It's going to take some practice and repetition to have your mind realize that it can relax.


Just like when you're first working out, if you haven't actively helped your mind relax, it probably isn't going to know what to do at first. When you first start to lift weights, your muscles shake because they're not use to lifting that weight. However, after repetition, your muscles start to realize that this is what they do now and they adapt. The mind is the same way. When you realize how much this is important and that it isn't a one time thing, your mind will start to relax well. 

Here are some of the ways to relax well:









We all know the benefits of reading, but we all also ignore the downside of phone use before going to sleep. You’ve had a difficult day, and you’re ready to sleep…but now you’ll spend the next 30 minutes or more scrolling through Instagram looking up pictures of Bali. Switch it up for a week and I promise you’ll thank me! Allow your mind to start to slow down and put itself in a place where it can relax while sleeping. Reading not only helps your mind focus on other things, but it also helps you have a more sound sleep!

Click to get the book I’ve been reading!! I even love the cover. Become who you were meant to be?! Yes please!


Take a hike! No, I meant it, or a walk. Breath the fresh air in, and don’t spend all of the time skipping in your phone to find the next song. Remember when we had to listen to the entire song? I do! You can go with some friends to the park and play frisbee, or during your lunch at work step outside. This also helps if you’re stressed or have a job where you look at a screen the entire day. Set yourself a timer and talk a literal “walk around the block”.


This has been a game changer for me! Let’s say your studying for your final and you start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of content, or say you’re working at your desk and realize you’ve been answering emails for an hour. Take just three minutes and stop! Focus on your breathing and your body. Slowly close your eyes and allow your mind to step away from that work for just a moment. You’ll not only be more focused when those three minutes are up, but it will be a more productive study session if you allow your mind to relax than if you had just “pushed through” and studied for the entire three hours.


Have you ever gotten the app that shows you how many times you opened your phone in just one day? It feels wrong seeing that number, you think “I couldn’t possibly have opened the phone that many times.” But you did! I went on a hike the other day, and it was honestly so nice to lose service! I couldn’t check any social media, and no one from work could call me, it was just a moment where we could hike and enjoy being outside.

When you’re at home or you’re out to eat with friends, you could turn off your phone! It sounds crazy at first, but after the first moment it will become your new favorite thing to do!


A few years ago coloring for adults made a comeback because of how it has such a wonderful way of having our minds relax! Now you don’t have to spend adult coloring book money. Why were those so expensive? But you can draw something, or create a mood tracker and color it in, print something from online and color that, go to the craft store and grab a canvas and paint that, etc.! Let your mind get creative with it, remember when we use to color skin tones purple and blue, do it! The world is your oyster in your coloring world!


Clean just one room or multiple, when you’re cleaning you’ll be amazing how much you can get done in 20 minutes. Do those chores that will help you later in the week. I’ve talked about this in a previous post, but it’s those small 20 minute increments that if we do everyday lead to better mental self care overall!


This may sound counter intuitive, but it's not. Write down your to-do list, and your wish list. When your brain is trying to remember everything you have to do throughout the day or the week, you're not really focused, because there is a part of your brain trying to remember all of the things you have to do and want to do this week. When you write it, down your brain can release those thoughts because it knows you have it saved somewhere else.

BONUS TIP: Keep a notepad by your bed so that when you're trying to sleep and you realize you have this extra thing to do tomorrow, you can write it down and forget about it and sleep well!


2 Steps Each Day for a Full Week of Self Care

5 Things You can do Today to take better care of Yourself

Learn How you Recharge and Why That’s Important

10 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

Life can be difficult sometimes, but it's important to relax mentally as well as physically. Here's some step how to relax mentally!

A Week of Self-Care

Weeks fly by so fast! What are you doing this week to improve your self-care and your life? Here are some real steps you can take to move you forward!

Weeks have this way of going by so fast that we don't really remember too many details of each of them. If there is something substantial that happens we may remember, but it's important to do our best to not let the weeks slip by, because those weeks become months, and then we look back and we haven't really remembered most of the year!

This week if you're up for the challenge I want you to walk through the week with new eyes, consciously trying to remember details of the week. Taking a step back and moving one day at a time. Self-Care is such an important part of being consciously in the week. 

Bonus Self-Care: Let's also add another step in the mix and track your mood throughout the week. I really like doing this because it gives me a small moment each day to look back and see how I acted each day. Was I grateful today, did I let the stresses of life get to me too much, was I just neutral today, or was I truly happy today? 

Let's take a week together to have a self care week:


I want to start with Sunday because I feel so many of us feel that the week starts with Monday, but it's important to prepare before going into work. And if you have a work schedule where Monday isn't your "Monday" then shift this to be whatever your second day in the week off is! 

On Sunday do something that replenished your energy (see this post for some detailed tips). Do something that makes you feel rested. For some that could be hanging out with friends or family, and for some it could be an escape to the mountains or beach. The goal of this day is to help your mind be prepared for the week. Also, eat well. Do two days of meal prep for either lunches or dinners, this way during the first section of your week you don't have to even think about what you're going to eat for dinner, you already have planned ahead and know you're set up for success. 


Get up early and get to work ten minutes early. Use those ten minutes to your advantage. If you work in a highly computer based job, use those ten minutes to do the first scan of your schedule for the day and print it off. I've found that so helpful to not jump directly into emails but make sure my mind knows where I need to be throughout the day. If you need to change into a uniform, use that time to relax into your shift as opposed to rushing and already feeling stressed even before you start.

When you get home, eat your dinner you've preplanned without looking at your phone. Have you ever gotten that app that shows you how many times you unlock your phone in a day? It's a scary app to get my friend! 

Take your time eating and enjoy your food. Read a book, or watch TV without also searching online. I can promise you you'll find new lines from your favorite show that you didn't remember. 


What are your plans for the weekend coming up? Start planning now so that you have something to look forward to throughout the week. Your mind is most excited when you have two future plans or trips planned. this way when you're doing one you also know you have another coming up. For me: This month I have three different friends coming to visit, so after one leaves I still know there are exciting trips ahead and more adventures to come! 

By this time your meal prep is getting low. Take tonight and cook something, while taking on the phone figuring out what you're up to this weekend. I'be been obsessed with street tacos recently!! You really can never go wrong with a good street taco recipe!! 


Do a mask before bed. It does not matter if you're male or female, a good mask before bed really does make a difference for your skin. You've made it half way though the work week and you should celebrate that! Also, doing something small that makes you feel pampered will make you feel like you're taking care of yourself. I love a “sleep” geared lotion! Something that is meant to help me sleep more sound, or something that smells just so wonderful and relaxing!

Set a timer for twenty minutes and clean your home. Put on your favorite Pandora station and clean up. If your home is organized your stress levels will also stay lower, trust me on this, I've tried it both ways. Having your home as your escape and haven from the world is so important. Plus if you've been given the blessing to be able to afford a roof over your head, no matter how many square feet, it's important to be a good stuard of it. 

Thursday (it's not Friday but you're so close!)

Go grocery shopping after work. "Why would I do that Joy, that's what the weekend is for?" 

I'm glad you asked! Who loves to fight the crowds on Saturday morning or who wants to grocery shop on Sunday afternoon? No-one, that's who. Get the chore done today so that your weekend is truly a weekend. By this time in the week, your home is clean, and once your fridge is restocked all you have to do this weekend is the fun things you want to as opposed to what chores you "have" to do!


You did it!! I'm so proud of you. It's the last day of work before relaxing/ doing your side hustle. The world is your oyster. If you love every second of your job or you can't wait for 5pm every Friday, it's important to take a weekend. You'll actually be more productive at work throughout the week if you give your mind this time to think of something besides work.

Go out after work with friends and get a drink, or go out for ice cream at night. Something that puts your mind at ease and allows you to laugh!! Laughter is so important to mental health, and as adults we don't do it nearly as much as we should. Do a game night, or go to a throwback night at the bar. Something where you're laughing and hanging with people who you enjoy.


The world is your oyster my friend. You've cleaned and done grocery shopping. You probably have some laundry to do, but that's about it. 

Get yourself a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop and relax! See a movie, host a movie night, eat some good food, and see the sun! 

So, how did you do? Did you make it through the entire week or did you pick the days you need help with the most? Either way if you've even made one step in the "self-care" direction, this post was worth it! 


How do you Recharge? Let Me Explain

On a particularly stressful week or day. What can you do to make sure you're recharging your own batteries? Here's a few tips and tricks - AVintageJoy

I recently wrote a post about the most important aspects of life that I've learned since I was 20! If you haven't read that post, take a second and go read that and come back. It will help you understand this post on a deeper level. Learning to be an adult is a weird transition filled with expectations of what should and shouldn't be happening. 

One of the lessons I've learning though that I didn't really mention in that post, because I felt like I needed to expand upon so much so that I feel it deserves its own post. That topic is: Recharging your own personal battery.

During a stressful season or week have you learned how to recharge yourself in a healthy and productive way? If you have, I'm so proud of you!! Great Job!! If it's something that you're still working through or struggling with, this post is mainly for you!

One of the way I used to work through a particularly stressful week was to "pushing through" or "just getting through it", and sometimes that can be a strength, but sometimes is not the best option to tap into. What are other ways you can work through a particularly busy season of life? 

Part of living a balanced life is realizing the days or weeks where you're super unbalanced. How do you take steps in the right direction? "Let's talk about that" (said in my best Dr. Phill voice)

Discovery Phase

Let's take some time to learn about the "how" of recharging, this is so different for everyone it's important to learn for yourself how you recharge.

1// The first step is to look at your day to day behavior and start to consciously think about what makes you smile? Don't write down anything just yet, just put that thought in your brain so that you start to realize what makes your smile throughout the day. What do you feel that brings energy or life back into your day? Is it when you complete a task, or you know a fun event is coming up in the week?

For the sake of an example, let's just use me. Below are two ways that I noticed I got energy from. 

  • I find energy in the moments when I'm around people I don't have to be "on" with. People that I can just be myself with.

  • I also find energy when I know there are two exciting things coming up. It could be as simple as I know I'm getting coffee tomorrow morning before work, or I know I'll be off this Sunday so I can go to Church.

2// The second step is to look at yourself in real eyes and think: Am I an introvert or an extrovert?

Do I truly enjoy being around people, or give the choice would I rather go to a bookstore by myself and read? Also, by being an introvert it doesn't mean that you don't like people, or by being an extrovert it doesn't mean that you can stand being by yourself, but we're all somewhere on the spectrum. Where do you stand?

3// Take an entire week to and step back, jot down things throughout your day that make you smile. This is closely related to the first step, but it is a small action your taking to work towards making yourself recharged! This isn't what you feel makes your happy, but real time/ in the moment things that make you smile.

To keep going with our example:

Some of mine were:

  • Waking up when my body wakes up, not making myself sleep in longer or wake up earlier

  • When theres a fridge full of real food

  • Knowing my house is clean

  • A really good cup of coffee

  • The smell of a really wonderful candle burning

  • Taking the time to listen to worship music/spend time with God

  • Watching about an hour or under of TV (any longer than that and I started to feel guilty)

  • Doing small exercises before bed

Action Phase 

Now that you've discovered some small ways that you, consciously or maybe unconsciously, recharge yourself or your day, it's time to act on those! 

4// How can you organize your day to still get all you need to accomplish done, but also include some items from your list? Do you need to wake up 10 minutes earlier to make your really good cup of coffee that starts your day in the right direction? Do you need to spend twenty minutes before bed to clean your house so that when you wake up you feel calm?

Bonus Tip: I've found that, although I feel like my mom talking to my phone, I really love having Siri set a 20 minute timer and cleaning my house at night. 20 minutes doesn't feel overwhelming in the amount of time, and it's crazy how many things you can clean when you have 20 minutes! 

5// Intentionally take 10 minutes each day to pamper yourself. I know that sounds like a given, but in a world where we're always moving and theres always another meeting to get to, it's hard to carve out time to intentionally do something nice for ourselves. I tend to do mine before bed, or before I go out. This is a universal guide because it doesn't matter if you're an extrovert or introvert, if you're not taking care of your body, you won't feel as recharged as you could throughout the day. 

Some ideas to pamper yourself can include:

  • Make a smoothie in the morning so that you eat before leaving the house

  • Put lotion on before going to bed so that your body doesn't dry out at night

  • Learn a better/ more effective way to put your makeup on that saves you both time and you still look great!

  • Wear your favorite neckless no matter what day of the week it is!

  • Set an appointment to see your doctor to do a routine checkup.

A very small way I did this recently was to paint my nails. That sounds so small, but every time I picked something up, having that little sparkle was a reminder that I'm taking care of myself too. When is the last time that you put the tips you watch into action? When is the last time you put on an at home face mask, or did a moisturizing hair treatment?

Bonus Tip:

Do something that gets you "out of your box" as one of my friends says. Do something for someone else that has nothing to do with you, or your own goals. Buy someones coffee behind you in line for no reason, give a tip to the person who rings up your items at the grocery store, bring flowers to a friend, etc. Although these seem so small, they will make such a wonderful impact of your day and theirs. And you're helping someone else recharge their day in a very small way! 

Now go out there and take some real steps to live a more balanced life! Recharge yourself when you're feeling low, don't let your battery run out! You're the one responsible for knowing when you're getting low! You've got this! Take a breather we're all working through it.