A Challenge to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ

A Challenge in Christ - AVintageJoy

This is how 10 minutes could change your life. In today's day and age with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube (that's a huge one for me) pulling our attention, it's important to take a purposeful look at what we're doing. 

Over the past few days I've been trying to take ten minutes each day and spend it with God. I know this sounds insignificant, but trust me it's incredibly powerful. Think about it, when was the last time that you spent ten minutes focusing on one thing? When was the last time that you sat in quiet and talked to God for 10 minutes? Really, think about it....

For me, it was a while ago. Something creeps up in my mind and my focus gets distracted. I start thinking about what I need to do, or that I'm hungry, and my mind is gone. This is still happening at times, but knowing that I'll be spending time each day with my creator is so reassuring!! It helps me the rest of the day remember that I'm not in this alone. That He's actually with me the entire day everyday, even though a lot of those days I just don't take the time to remember that. 

This time is something that is outside of quiet time. This is praying and listening for 10 minutes, not writing and studying. This is the time where you can refocus and listen. Let me tell you, when you first start, the ten minutes is going to feel so long!! At least for me it did. But I spend way more time than that a day watching Youtube, and if I can carve time out to do that I can carve time out to listen to God! (As a side note, don't try to do this lying in bed right before you fall asleep, because guess what....you'll fall asleep. At least I did. That's not as helpful.)

This is something I was challenged to do by a sister in Christ, and it's a brutal challenge. Taking that time out is also scary because you know if you really listen and ask God what He wants, He's going to tell you. Change is bound to happen if you ask Him. That's not something we really talk much about in Church, the fear of really allowing God to do what HE wants in our lives. If I'm being honest, that's a fear of mine deep down. Because if He is doing what He wants then what does that mean? It means I have to either change what I'm doing to become in line with what He has planned for me and what He's telling me, or I can choose to not. 

By not taking the time out to talk to Him we are already choosing the later, but it's such a passive choice that it doesn't feel like we're actively choosing not to follow where He's leading. 

This got a little heavier than I was panning, but you know when He starts talking, you either listen or you don't. My prayer is that this encourages you to listen to what He's saying, to take ten minutes out of your day to talk to the one who made you and has a plan for you! 

Let me know in the comments if you feel the same way? Come back and let me know if you took on the challenge and tried for a week to do this? What happened in your heart and life?