How to Adapt Your Goals to the Way You Think!

When you set goals, are you working with how your brain can accomplish those goals, or are you trying to make yourself be something that you're not? Here's what I've found from altering how I made goals and tips on how you can be more successful with your goals! #makinggoals #howtobesuccessfulwithgoals

Ready for some ideas on how to make your goals work for you? Me too! Here’s what I’ve learned. New Video!

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Here are some of the tips from the video, and a bonus tip!

1// Look back on your past goals to what insight they have as to why you did or didn’t accomplish them

2// Realize that January 1st is not a magical day. You can make any day January first if you start to take your goals seriously

3// Make your goals work for you. Work with your brain instead of against it

4// Break your larger goals into smaller goals so that you see the progress and feel accomplished throughout the process

5// Give yourself grace when you don’t accomplish everything you want to right away, or when you fail at a goal you had set for the month

6// Write it down! It doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small accomplishment, write down what you’ve succeeded at so that on the hard days you have something to look back on to remind you that you have made progress.

BONUS: Learn more about how you think. Take a Myers Briggs or an Enneagram test to learn something new about how you operate through goals. While these tests are certainly not gold, they do provide nuggets of truth in them that you can use to learn more about how you interact with the world, and in turn how you can make goals that work for you!