July Goals (10 in 30)

July Goals! Here are my 10 goals in 30 days. Let's get started!!

We're officially in the second half of 2018! It's summertime! The time where we all want to protect our skin with sunscreen, but also want to get a summer glow, but also know too much sun is not good for us: it's very difficult to decide! This is such a wonderful month to explore outside in either your own town or go venture to a new place! Let's set up some goals shall we!

1// Come up with a nightly routine for my skin! I need to be better about taking care of my skin and making sure it's hydrated during the night! I have a couple of really great resources on this, I just need to keep doing what I started at the end of last month.

2// Learn more about what it would take to do the TSA Pre-Check. I've been so fascinated by this, and really want to find out what it would take to do that, and save myself so much time!

3// Plan a trip to go back home! I really want to visit Florida and I miss my friends/family/the parks! Not that I necessarily want to visit during the hottest month, but if I look now for flights, I'm sure I can find something.

4// Find and purchase a bath tray! I'm always so obsessed with them in theory, but in reality I've never even used one. I do love the idea that my book won't get wet, and theres a place to hold my tea or wine :)

5// Buy a friend a present "just because" and mail it to them! We only really buy eachother things when it's a birthday or a holiday? Why! I like them all year, why not show it all year! 

6// Go to the Renaissance Festival!! I'm so excited that it's back!! I went last year, you can read about that here, and loved it!! This year I'm going with someone I think will also really enjoy it! I can't wait!

7// Update old posts. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now. I want to make sure all my links work, and update pictures on some old posts that I still love. I also need to streamline my categories I've put on past posts to make sure they all make sense. 

Anyone remember the old days that we would tag everything, uhh! lol

8// Find at least two really good tank tops that I can wear all summer! I have such a hard time finding tank tops. Either they're too low under my arms or it's too tight. Whenever I find a tank top that works with my body type, I wear it until it dies! I need more that fit well.

9// Try to get a much better grip on Tailwind. I started a free trial, but I'm honestly going to dive into all of the tutorials I can find. I would really love to learn more about the behind the scenes of my Pinterest account.

10// Put shelves up in my bathroom! I know the kind I want, of course DIY, and I'm getting a drill tomorrow, so I just need to put it all into action!

What are your goals this month? What are you most looking forward to? Also, do protect your skin and wear sunscreen, and lip balm with SPF, and drink the correct amount of water each day! Ok, I'm off my soapbox now!