Quarterly Goal Update

Good Morning April! 2018 is going faster and faster. We're already starting to step into the second quarter; leaving all of the regrets of things we maybe did or didn't do behind, let's do a quick goal update and look forward:


January Goals

Be generous! - I don't really make a new years resolution, and I generally don't have any sort of "word of the year" either, but this year I really felt like God was brining generosity to my mind. What it actually looks like, what it actually means to live a generous life, and how I can do that so much more in my own life. 

This is definitely an ongoing goal. Honestly it will be for the rest of my life. However, I really love that it's so much more of a priority in my life now.

I feel that so many times I've felt I was generous, but I wan't actually. I'm actively listening more and seeing the ways I can be generous in my everyday life. 





January 2018.jpg

February Goals

1// Go on more hikes. HALF CHECK. I've been on one, but it was hilarious. This is when we got stuck and kept slipping. I couldn't stop laughing.

2// Get my eyes checked. CHECK. 

3// Passport renewal time. Not yet *cries into pillow*

4// See the daylight more. CHECK, I've been making so much more of an effort to be outside. 

5// Look for a new place to live! CHECK

6// Have my nails done more this month. Still working on it.

7// Wake up earlier this month and have a slower morning. I've definitely been better at this, my body now wakes up at 7am even on my off days. 

8// Stop cracking my fingers. CHECK

9// Read more. I purchased #Girlboss, we'll see how that is.

10// Stay healthy. CHECK I actually didn't get sick at all this month! Such a blessing, because everyone around me was getting sick nearly the entire month. 



March Goals

1// Make oatmeal twice. CHECK I actually made dinner twice! It's not breakfast, but I'll take it! 

2// Write down a verse. CHECK Galatians 6:9 "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." I really needed to hear this, this month especially. It's been really tiring, but I know God's plans are better than mine! 

3// Do something that is out of my comfort zone. CHECK I played volleyball at a park the other day. This may be something really inside of your comfort zone, but I haven't played in about 15 years. I also learned something about myself, when I'm really focused and want to be good at something I get really quiet! Something to know for next time I guess. 

4// PASSPORT! *cries into pillow*

5// Cut my TV Cable. CHECK (kind of). I called and it would have been more to have just the internet. It makes no sense but whatever. 

6// Do one at home facial/mask. CHECK I pulled out my Dr. DennisGross daily peel, and I remember why I own it. It's so wonderful! 

7// Taxes. *I will do these today* *I will do these today* Maybe if I chant it to myself it will come true. 

8// Wear my sandals more!! CHECK! It has been warm enough for me to wear them multiple days this month. I'm so excited! 

9// Take more pictures. CHECK I've been more conscious about bring my camera with me and documenting when I see a moment. 

10// Remember that comparison is a thief of Joy. CHECK I've really been trying to remember this principle. When I compare myself to someone else, it's not only hindering, but it's belittling to the place that God has me in right now. I'm trying to be grateful for the season I'm in!

What do you think of a quarterly updated on how I'm doing on my goals? Do you find this helpful? Would you rather see how I'm doing at the end of each month instead of quarterly? Let me know!

 A goal without a plan is just a dream.