April Goals (10 in 30)

April Goals - AVintageJoy

It's officially Spring!!! Thank God!! I'm so ready for the snow to stop and the tulips to come out. It will sometimes still snow here in April, but I'm praying that this year that doesn't happen. I've loved the winter months, but when they start creeping into my other seasons, I'm over it!

1// Plan to see at least one concert, and purchase the ticket! I really want to see more concerts this year. Last year I was so busy that I missed all of them. Even though I'm busy this year too, if I plan far enough ahead I'll be fine.

2// Unsubscribe to all of the unnecessary emails. I have multiple inboxes that receive emails from things that don't even apply anymore. This month I will unsubscribe from at least five lists that I don't ever read!

3// Move into my new place. I'm so so excited to see what God has in store for this new step! 

4// Actually have all the boxes unpacked. I have a bad habit of keeping multiple boxes when I move, but it's so much better when everything is in its new place. It feels so much more like home!

5// Take 4 days off in a row! I really could use a quick break from work. A quick get away for the weekend is really needed.

6// Find a regular doctor. I've learned over the past few days that I have a really bad habit of not taking care of myself. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's everything from not drinking enough water to needing to find a doctor and still not having one. I really need to find a doctor and get a regular checkup this month. 

7// Find an exercise plan that works for me. I have some family traits and medical things that stop me from being able to do certain types of exercises. I really want to find a plan that works for my body type that I can consistently do! 

8// Work more from the other side of my brain. What do I mean by that? I spend most of the day in a very logical place. At work I have to always be "on" which I understand, but I really want to make sure I'm flexing the creative side of my brain and finding things to do that stretch that side of my personality as well. 

9// Take regular breaks. On the same note of a personal health, I need to make sure that I'm disconnecting from the computer regularly. Walking around outside, or visiting a museum. Something that gets me away from looking at a screen and typing. Because I already do that about 10-12 hrs a day at work.

10// Get my haircut! I spend a good amount of time not thinking at all about my hair, except for making sure I'm washing it, and then all of a sudden there is this day that happens that I'm like "I'm over the length, it has to go!" I'm defiantly there right now. Plus it always feels so much more healthy after a cut!! 

I can't believe the first quarter of 2018 is over! What are your plans for the second quarter? How are your short term and long term goals going?