February Goals (10 in 30)

February Goals - AVintageJoy

True life: I wrote this and never clicked publish. Also true life...sometime you have goals, but not a picture and that's ok. I will put a picture up later, and maybe by the time you're reading this there's a picture, but just know it didn't start that way. I'm not letting perfection, or lateness stop me! Good enough > Never published. 

Ok, now onto the goals!! 

1// Go on more hikes. I forgot how close I life to the mountains. I know that sounds odd being in Colorado, but Florida doesn't have mountains so I constantly forget how close they are to me. I want to go on at least one hike this month.

2// Get my eyes checked. I really need to do this one. It's such a small thing to do, but I've been procrastinating for too long This month it just needs to happen.

3// Passport renewal time. It's time to fight that line and figure it out

4// See the daylight more. Hahaha that's such a real sentence, but also such a sad one. I've been working so much that I'm not really every seeing the daylight, until I have a day off. I want to use those days to my advantage and see the outside world. This aligns pretty well with goal number one, but not matter what I just want to see the outside more.

5// Look for a new place to live! It's moving time, I'm looking this time for a place that I can stay for at least a year or two. (Also, just moving apartments that is, not locations this time.)

6// Have my nails done more this month. It's a constant inner struggle of wanting to either do my own nails or have them done, and wanting to spend that money elsewhere. 

7// Wake up earlier this month and have a slower morning. The majority of my mornings are so quick and rushed. I really want to give myself the time to slow down and focus and remember all the things I need to do each morning. This month I feel is the month of priorities.

8// Stop cracking my fingers. It's a bad habit that I've picked up and had for years, but it's so not good for your hands!! I really want to take real steps to break that habit.

9// Read more. I watched a "What the CEOs do" type of video the other day and one aspect that I really love that they do is read. I love reading, but I'm not good at making it a priority in my everyday life. My goal this month, read for 10 minutes a day/ an hour a week. This way I have more leeway if I can't read each day, I can jut read for a longer period of time one day and still be fine.

10// Stay healthy. There are so many people around me getting sick. I almost got sick last week, but thankfully someone at work had a "mom" recipe and it saved me! Now I just need to snag that recipe for tea from her. Lifesaver!!

Happy February all!! Here's hoping that this month will be a good and productive month, and that my apartment complex will finally take down the Christmas decorations that are still up and shining into my apartment at night!! Please!