Stop overthinking and get things done! Here's one really good reason why done is better than perfect! #makinggoals #betterthanperfect #dontgiveup

Have you ever started a project and then stopped half way though? I know I have. You start out with such excitement, that child like excitement that nothing can stop you and you’re going to do amazing at whatever you set out to do, and then something changes.

Either something goes wrong, or you break something, or you start to understand why “the path less traveled” is less traveled, and you get discouraged.

Done is better than perfect because in those moments of self doubt you can start to become an unintentional perfectionist.

You give yourself the excuses of why something can’t be finished, and why you're not the most qualified person to do this project, or lead these people. You doubt your abilities and your “voice” in the matter.

However, and this is a big however…what if you just did it!

I mean if Niki can use that slogan, so can you! What if you stopped waiting and just started doing. What if you finished project after project, and just kept doing that? Imagine how many projects you could finish within the next year if you didn’t constantly have to have the project be “perfect” before you presented it.

That’s the real secret, because while you’re out there doing project after project, you’re learning. You’re learning your voice when it comes to that subject, you’re learning what you enjoy about your job, or what career field you want to go into. You’re finishing those books that you never thought you would finish.

Looking back next year at this same time, imagine with me for a moment if you just finished projects!

How amazing would you feel! You would have so many new projects completed, and don’t forget you can always go back and fix mistakes you made in the previous project with the new projects. When you find a subject that you really click with, start doing projects that help you get closer to that “perfection”, but remember that true perfection you’re never going to reach.

That that, digest it, and keep going! “Keep moving forward” as the Robinsons would say!

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” as Hillary Duff would say. Wow, I’m really full of tv quotes today!

Anyways, done is better than perfect, because you’re doing more than most will! You’re finishing projects and books, and ideas you’ve had in your brain. You’re not second guessing yourself on every decision.

Yes, you’ll mess up sometimes doing this, but also who cares! You’re also learning from all of those times you tried and failed! Imagine the scenario of Edison with the lightbulb, he only had to get it right once! He found many many ways not to get it right.

Go and do that too! Try out those projects you’ve been storing in your brain because, by starting those you’re already ahead of the game! When/If you fail, get back up and try again, because done is better than perfect!