October Goals (10 in 30)

October Goals - AVintageJoy

Hello beautiful people! It's amazingly cool outside, and right now I may be a little in a "rose colored glasses" world, but I'm so excited to have seasons this year. My goals this month are definitely geared towards growing as a person, and loving the season.

1// Decorate my apartment! I really want this year's fall to feel like fall. I know I'll be working a lot so my apartment being "in the spirit of the season" I know will help.

2// Burn down two candles. This time of year always makes me want my home to smell like pumpkins and fall things! I say two candles because one I think I could do without much effort, but two means that I'm burning candles every night. I know that will help my stress level stay low.

3// Finish a podcast. I've been listening to Chip Ingram and I really want to finish one of the many series he's going through.

4// Apple pick or pumpkin patch it up! I'm not sure if apple orchards are a thing here or not, but I really want to do fall things this year.

5// Carve a pumpkin. This is very close to the above, but I didn't carve one last year and it made me sad. I want to have fall memories made this year.

6// Wear my new hunter boots! I splurged a little and bought green hunter boots that I love, but now I just have to wear them. I talked myself into them by promising myself that I will wear them throughout fall and winter. I'm sure I will, but I want to make sure that I do.

7// Do something every week. Taking myself out of my box is something that I actually like to do, but I have a bad habit of being sucked into work too much. I want to make sure that at least one time a week I step out and do something new.

8// Make my coffee at home. I will say, I have been getting better at this one, but I can continue to get better. I don't need to go to a coffee shop for coffee, I have a pot at home. 

9// Be a blessing to my friends. I really want to send fun little gifts to at least two-three friends this month. Being across the country is hard, but I recently had a friends send me something out of the blue and it was really nice. I want to do that for them!

10// Go to church or small group multiple times. This month I really want to create more of a priority of going to small group. I know I need that more in my life. 

What are your goals this month?