10 Super Easy Walt Disney World Tips and Tricks


I absolutely love Disney!! I also firmly believe there are simple things that you can do when you visit to make your life easier. Here are a few of my tips I use when going to the parks, that make my life easier.

1// If you've been to the parks before, get a park hopper!! If you have never been to Disney before, I think you should really do one day at each park. It helps you not to feel rushed and you can learn about each park. If you have done the parks before, the park hopper is such a lifesaver! Since Pandora is new, the lines are crazy right now! So when I went to get on the rides and it said, 127 minutes I decided to go to another park for a few hours and then come back and try the line again. When I came back it was 60 minutes. Such a time saver!! If you only have a day, you don't want to spend it waiting in a line! Bonus Tip: Get the app, you can check on wait times and not have to go back and forth to parks guessing on what the wait time will be like. 

2// Keep your parking receipt when you park hop. You only have to pay for parking once each day. Keep your receipt and show the next park and your parking is free! Also, if you have a pass or you're going with anyone who has a pass, your parking is free. 

3// Get your fast passes before you enter the park. Theres always a huge line just to get fast passes in the parks, so download the app and plan out what you want to do before you enter. Pick the rides that normally have a long wait time. If you have any questions on what those are or my tips on what to get a fast pass for in each park let me know in the comments! 

4// Bring an extra pair of shoes and an extra outfit to keep in the car. On hot days, you get so hot!! I mean it is Florida after all. Make sure you're drinking a lot of water, but also bring extra clothes. After about half a day of walking around, it's so nice to change between parks. 

5// Similar to number four, bring a small umbrella into the parks and keep rain boots in the car. Check your weather, but honestly if you're going in the summer, unless the rain chance is zero you'll probably get rained on. Don't let that deter you, that's when you can get some food and wait for a little bit. People tend to leave the parks when it rains so you can end up getting on rides faster!! If you're in Magic Kingdom it's a perfect time to go to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or the Peter Pan ride, they're both inside. Bonus Tip: bring a ziplock bag to put your phone and wallet in, you'll thank me later! 

6// If you buy something in the shops they can either hold it at the front of the park or send it back to your hotel, if you're staying on property. No need to lug around your purchases. I would suggest talking to the cashier and making sure you have the right timing, but more than likely if you don't leave tomorrow you should be fine to send it to the hotel. 

7// Check to see what's happening in the parks before you go. Around this time of year there is Mickey's Not So Scary, and later in the year it's the Christmas Party. If you're at Magic Kingdom and you don't have a separate ticket for the party, they're going to ask you to leave at like seven pm. That almost cuts your day in half, and you don't get to see fireworks. On the flip side, if you're going to Epcot there are so many different fun events that involve really good food. Maybe you'll be there during Food & Wine?!

8// If you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary or family event, the shops have free pins you can wear. There's nothing like being wished happy birthday by fifty cast members. So great!! Side tip: If you see someone wearing a birthday pin, it's ok to say happy birthday to them too!! Keep the magic alive!! 

9// If you're out of fast passes for the day, Parades are the perfect time to go on rides! While everyone is watching the characters pass by, you can run to the ride you've been waiting for. This is also the best time to shop, no lines! If you've never seen the parade before, it's fun to see. If you have, it's going to be the same. Get on those rides!! 

10// Remember that Magic Kingdom is a "dry" park. If you're looking for a drink with lunch, or wine with dinner go to Epcot. They have great drinks in Mexico and Italy! You can always take the monorail back in time for the fireworks, or hang out for the rest of the day walking around the world showcase in Epcot. 

These are tips I use every time I go to the parks!! So simple, but really do make a huge impact on how the day goes. If you're planning on going to Walt Disney World let me know! I'm always happy to answer any questions about the parks. 

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