July Favorites

July Favorites - AVintageJoy

Last July I was in NYC, so I'm definitely ready to be back Florida and relax for a few days. If I don't come back tan, I'm doing something wrong! I'm so ready for a Disney day and a day at the beach. Last week I missed the water so much that I found a coffee shop near a lake just so that I could see water, I know right! Here are some of my favorites from this past month.

1// Inspiration. Linda Rodin is in her 60s and has lived life without care. I love that she has lived in Italy, started her own company by accident, and worn what she wants to and what makes her feel good vs. what's fashionable at the time. If you haven't seen an interview with her you should google it! 

2// Post. One of my friends sent me this post by Cece from Plussizeprincess and it's so real. I've read a lot of posts about how people run their own businesses and I really resinated with this post. I love that she is so real and says don't quit your job until you're stable enough to. Preach! Because yes it's exciting, but you also need to pay rent and eat. 

3// Purchase. There are so many moment in the dressing room that you're trying to decided if you would really wear "this" in real life. I had one of those moments this month, I was nervous but decided to get the blue and white striped romper and try it out. I love it! I was nervous the first time I wore it and then I remembered that everyone else is thinking about how they look and not paying attention to me. I feel good in the romper and it's super comfy! 

4// Entertainment. I'm always watching youtube videos!! I just find them so motivating. One channel this month that I've been binging is Gary Vaynerchuk. When I first started watching his videos it took me a while to get use to the way he talks, honestly his vocal inflections. He is a loud talker, but once I got use to it, I love it! He's so passionate about what he does. He talks a lot about how it takes time to get to where you want to be and how those who succeed keep going!

5// Focused on. Getting ready for vacation!! I'm so excited! I need a break from my 10+ hour days at work. I know I'm basically going home, but it's still going to be a vacation. 

What were your favorites from July?