August Goals (10 in 30)

August Goals - AVintageJoy

I'm so excited for August!!! It's my birthday month, I'm going to be home for a few days,and I'll hopefully get to go hiking this month. I'm really looking forward to it, but I also don't want it to slip by and realize it's already September. In the spirit of making everyday count, here are my goals for this month. 

1// Upload my spending every week to the budget app so that I can accurately keep track of my spending. I keep doing this every few weeks and by that time it's not enough time left in the month to make a big change. Has anyone used Mint? I may switch to that, it seems easier to use. 

2// Go to the beach and pool. This is a big one for me while in Florida. I wasn't a huge fan of the beach but since the option has ben taken away from me it's all I want to do when I visit. Well that and Disney of course!!

3// Have more "phone free" moments. I've been attached to my phone to much this past month. I want to have a few hours each day where my phone is somewhere in my apartment but I don't really care where that is.

4// Finish a book or a podcast. I'll have time on the plane and during the commute to read or listen. I have three - four books that are all half read. I ned to finish some of them.

5// Try to eat less bread. While I absolutely love bread and desserts, they aren't good for me in large quantities. I need to eat less bread this month. More veggies!! 

6// Get a more consistent amount of sleep. The way my life has been working recently equals a lot of different hours of sleep each week. On the days I'm working I get about 6-7 hours, and then when I'm off I sleep in way too much. I would love it if I could get to 7-8 hours each night consistently. This doesn't sound too hard, but my work schedule is so varied that it is a problem.

7// Find a pair of sandals! I've been looking for the past few weeks for sandals to bring with me to Florida and I found nothing! Maybe in the land of the sandal I'll find something. 

8// Go to the dentist!! I really need to go and this month would be a perfect month to go. Self care! 

9// Donate one full bag of items to a thrift store. I really want to pare down on some of my things. I don't think I could do minimalist, although power to you if you can I'm so impressed!! I do want to have a more minimal apartment, when everything has a place and theres just the right amount it's a beautiful thing! 

10// Relax!! It's really important for me to unplug this month and have some fun! I've been spending such a large amount of each day the last few months working, and while I do love that, it's draining. I need to recharge for the upcoming months.

What are your goals for August?