Enjoying the Moment

Enjoying the Moment - AVintageJoy

I had a ten minute moment that I truly enjoyed. I didn't "do it for the gram" I did it for me. The picture above was taken by one of my friends when she was here last, but my moment was just that, a moment in time where everything felt right. I sat on my kitchen counter, with the christmas lights above my kitchen cabinets on and the overheadlight from the stove shining down. I sat on the counter reading Amy Poehler's "Yes Please" while my pasta finished cooking. 

Occasionally taking a sip of my wine, I enjoyed the quiet. Across the kitchen, I had lit a candle that I could barely see the flame reflecting off of the tin in the can. I of course, had placed the candle where I could see it because I'm paranoid if it's out of my sight, the entire apartment building could go up in flames and I will not notice. 

The moment was small but so appreciated. I would put down the book occasionally and stir the pasta. Wanting it to take longer to cook, I turned the temperature down on the stove. I could hear cars driving by and at one point the sound of my neighbor turn on their kitchen faucet. It was finally quiet. My busy week had a moment of quiet and I couldn't be happier. It was getting to be my favorite time of day when the entire earth has a wonderful glow to it. The rain that had come briefly had subsided, and I felt calm. It wasn't a large moment, but it was a wonderful one. 

I almost felt European drinking my wine and watching my pasta cook. I imagined myself in a small town in France or in the mountains in Italy. That sense of normality in the moment, and being sure there are women living in Europe that do this all the time comforted me. I closed my eyes and listened to the world around me. I took a deep breath in and spent a minute being grateful for a time like this. A time where I wasn't rushed or tied to my phone, but a time that was full of life and relaxation.  

This was the best moment of the day.