Be Kind To Yourself Now

Be Kind To Yourself Now - AVintageJoy

I was recently looking back at old photos and videos of myself and I was so much more kind to my past self. I was noticing how my hair looked better than I thought it did at the time, and how the same photos I had disliked, I now was so grateful that I had. This photo is me trying my very first homemade pop tart. I was on the trip that helped me decide Denver was the right place to move to. It was the first time I had looked at a place other than Florida and thought that it could eventually be home. However, after taking this picture, I hated everything about the picture.  

We do that so often in life. We look at all of the things in life that we "should" be doing better at and we don't appreciate the season of life that we're in. Growing and maturing is so necessary, but at the same time being grateful for where you are at brings such a peace. It's having the faith to know that this isn't forever, but also to be grateful for the now. Give yourself some grace in the now. I know when I'm looking at a picture of myself that I just took, I notice how if I had only worn a different color shirt, or mascara, or smiled like this instead, or whatever it may be at the time that I'm insecure about, the picture would have been so much better. In those moments all I'm doing is tearing myself down. I'm not speaking kindly to myself. How is it that I can be so kind to others in pictures and always love the candids, yet when I see my own all I see are my imperfections?

Let's not wait until years down the road to appreciate the "now." Let's not wait until we're looking back over memories and we finally see how we actually looked vs. what our minds were trying to tell us we looked like. Realize the beauty you have now, no matter your weight or haircut. You are so blessed to be you. You're the only one who will ever be like you. We see so much beauty in others, don't forget to be kind to yourself too!