Start on Your Goals!

Start on your goals today! What do you need to do to ensure you're making steps towards your dream - AVintageJoy

Everyone needs some mid week motivation to keep the ball rolling, or to kick the ball and start!! Use this as yours, and JUST START!! That goal that you've been thinking about for years, that project that you feel inspired to do but also kind of scared, just start!!

When you first think of an idea it can sometimes feel overwhelming, but don't forget about all that you've already accomplished. Think of those times where you've done things you never thought possible. Take your goals seriously they deserve your respect. You don't have to jump all in with everything you own and not have a plan, but starting a plan is definitely something you can do today. Take a step today to put yourself facing the right direction.

Ten minutes each day is a great way to work towards your goals without feeling overwhelmed by them. 

Here are a few ideas of what you can do today:

  • Look up how other people have done it
  • Start a notebook of ideas
  • Take one hour to check on sources of information 
  • Call a friend who is already doing it in some way, see what steps they took
  • Listen to a podcast of someone who is expert in the subject
  • Lookup a Youtube video...or Google it
  • See if there are any pins on Pinterest that have ideas you like
  • Buy $10 worth of supplies that can get you started

When people look back on their lives they don't regret the times that they tried and failed, they regret the times they didn't take the chances they knew they should of. If you had started to learn guitar five years ago when you first though about it, imagine how much you would know by now! 

On that same note, you are also not to late to start. Oprah was in her 30s when she started her self titled show, Julia Child was in her 40s before she started cooking, Gal Gadot almost gave up acting before landing the role as Wonder Woman (yes I'm still obsessed with that movie! And we all know she was the best part about the Batman movie she was in). You're never too late to start doing what you know you should. 

And if you what!! Get back up, learn from it and try again. You will feel so much more accomplishment by failing at something that you are trying to do, than if you never tried at all! 

Things take time. You may fail a few times. Learn from those failures, learn from the hard moments and be better next time! We are seeing so many "afters" of the people who spend years and years trying and now are successful. People look at them and see them as an overnight success but for the majority of them they worked for years before you even heard their name. All of your favorites, most likely, spent years honing their craft before they started to get traction. Don't give-up because you've spent two months on your goals and aren't seeing the benefits of your hard work. It will come!! Learn from the aspects that aren't working, and relish the small success' you're seeing! One painting sold is one hundred percent more than zero paintings sold!! 

What step can you take today to put yourself closer to your goal? If you already have the ball rolling, what was the first step you took to get the ball rolling? 

"If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough." - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf