June Favorites

June you were filled with many visits from friends, and for that I thank you! My wallet doesn't thank you, but I do! I'll just have to save more next month.

1// Inspiration. The Denver Renaissance festival! I haven't been, but as soon as I saw one was coming I got so excited! It's all the way through July so I have some more time to go before it's too late. I already know my outfit I want to wear. Can you tell I'm excited to go!?

2// Post. I stumbled upon a "Zero Waste Lifestyle" video, and I can't get enough. I started bringing my own jars to the grocery store and implementing some of the practices into my everyday life. I'm writing a post about how it has changed my view on grocery shopping and how I was doing some of the practices without even realizing! Stay tuned! 

3// Purchase. My favorite purchase this month was a meal that I had at a local wine room. It was the end of a long day of walking and the last day of my days off. It was so nice to sit, drink some wine, eat cheese and bread, and watch the people walk by. It's those moments of relaxing and not doing much that are always the sweetest. (pictured above!)

4// Entertainment. WONDER WOMAN! One of the best movies I've seen in a long time! It was so well made and with such an empowering message. I've watched a few interviews and I love that Chris Pine has said multiple times about how the movie has such a wonderful heart. How the majority of the super hero movies have to do with revenge or power and this has to do with love and a hero fulfilling what she was meant to do. I completely agree!

5// Focused on. Learning more about video editing! I use to love editing, way back in the day, and I want to rekindle that love! I know I'll look back at the videos I'm making now and cringe, but you have to start somewhere right? Below is my trip to the botanical gardens :)

What did you learn this month?