May Favorites

Where did May go! I feel like I just made the Justin Timberlake joke, and all of a sudden it about to be June! Here are some of my favorites from this month.

1// Inspiration. I'm still hooked on all of the youtube playlists! I've really been loving the videos that people have of their van tours. I love seeing how they live in such a small place. One girl I watched a video of lives in her van so she can go to school and not have to worry about rent. How awesome is that! Part of me wishes I had thought of that during school, I did like my roommates though. 

2// Post. I keep thinking about this post from World of Wanderlust  and about how lovely it would be to own my own brick and mortar something! I think a coffee shop is a great first shop type thing to own. It would definitely be very challenging, but so rewarding!

3// Purchase. I finally bought a memory card that I can shoot at 60fps with. I am so excited! I've been waiting to get this memory card before I start shooting video. Now I can do slow motion!!

4// Entertainment. This month was very trying at work!! When I saw this video I laughed so hard! Enjoy.


5// Focused on. Living everyday with the realization that toady is the only day we're promised. Not to let days and weeks slip by without appreciating the everyday beauty and enjoying the life I'm living!

What did you learn this month?