June Goals (10 in 30)

june goals.jpg

We are half way through 2017! It's starting to feel like summer, and we're all putting our winter coats away and hoping all of the late May snow doesn't follow us any longer! It's also such a fun time of year when festivals are happening and concerts are coming up. Here are my goals for this month...

1// Remember that life is short. I know this, or some variation of this goal, has been in my goals the past few months goals. I just feel it's so important. I feel like people in their 20s and 30s especially, forget how short life is. We get tied up in meetings and stresses and bills and forget that at the end of the day, all you can do is your best. You can't control others views and opinions, but you can control how you react! 

2// Buy some flowers for the apartment & keep it clean. I feel like I allowed May to slip by so fast! I really haven't had a month slip by me that fast in a while. I worked all the time and when I was off was trying to do things, but was also exhausted! Because I was so tired I didn't keep up with cleaning my apartment, and I feel like that didn't help my mood. Now, by no means was I wading around my apartment through the piles of things, but it just felt chaotic. When I came home and three pairs of shoes were all near the door, the dishes were always halfway done, and the clean clothes were rapidly becoming dirty ones, my stress level went up. We deal with so many negative influences trying to bring us down, one of them doesn't have to be our homes! 

3// Be more consistent with getting 8 hours of sleep a night. In busy moments I've learned I'm not good at regulating my sleep. I know mentally that the body needs 8 hours, not 6 or 11. It just is so easy to forget when you want to watch one more episode of something, or you're tired so you want to sleep in. Keeping as consistent of a schedule as I can will only help!

4// Find a Doctor and a Dentist. I need to find people in my area that I can go to if I need to. Not the most exciting goal, but a true goal and very important. 

5// I just heard that there is a renaissance festival coming in June. I really want to go! I've always wanted to go to a renaissance festival. I love the clothing and I just really love when someone jumps all into a theme of a party or event. Renaissance festivals defiantly do that! I want to walk around and see what one is like!

6// Buy tickets to a show. There are so many exciting venues in Denver to see a show at. I've had so many people tell me about Red Rocks and how amazing shows are there. I want to go! 

7// Start my next C.S. Lewis book. One of my best friends and I are keeping each other accountable by calling and discussing the book that we are reading. I really want us to finish Screwtape Letters and go to the next book! I really find screw tape letters to be so helpful, but I don't want to spend an entire year reading a book that only has thirty one chapters in it. 

8// Send out two hand written cards. I really want to do this goal. I know how meaningful it is when I receive a hand written card, even just a post card for that manner. I wan to send out a few this month. 

9// On that same note, create an address book. I have a bad habit of thinking that I will remember things that I know I won't. I am constantly forgetting addresses, phone numbers, passwords and so many other computer related things. I need to create a place where I don't have to think, I just know all of the addresses of loved ones are saved in one place.

10// Listen to more podcasts. I love learning and this is such a fun and easy way to learn. What's your favorite podcast? What is one that you have really loved listening to? I would love to know. At this point I'm probably going to google and try to find something from that avenue. 

What are your goals this month?