Disney Tips From A Local

Disney tips from a local - AVintageJoy

I have always loved Disney! It truly is a magical place! I lived in Orlando for years and sometimes I would go do Disney just to read, or just to eat at Casey's Corner because I was craving the hot dogs. Since I've moved away I've been really missing Disney. I've realized even more so how blessed I was to be so close for those years. Now in order to go I have to save up, and fly to get to a place that I use to live 15 minutes from. Here are some of my favorite Disney tips I've used over the years. Here are a few.

1// If you haven't been to Disney in a while, research when you want to go. Epcot has so many different times of year that make it that much more fun. If you go during the Food and Wine festival or the Flower and Garden festival, Epcot has extra booths around to showcase the food and drinks from even more countries. Also keep in mind that at Animal Kingdom they are just about to open Avatar so that park will be super crowded for the next few months. 

2// Get the Disney App. Sign up for your fast passes now so that they aren't all gone by the time you want to go. A month before your trip you can book all of the fast passes. Do them for the larger rides, like Frozen, Expedition Everest, Sorin, and Toy Story. Don't use them for the Dumbo ride. I'm not knocking the Dumbo ride, I love that ride! But your line is 2xs if not 3xs longer to wait for Space Mountain.

3// For a 5 day vacation most people will start and end the trip with Magic Kingdom. I would suggest doing this. I love all of the other parks but Magic Kingdom never really gets old. Plus now that you had one day walking around the park already you know more of what you want to see. 

4// Timing is everything. Know where to go in the parks early in the morning and where to go later at night. In Magic Kingdom, do Space Mountain in the morning, and check the line for Pirates. Pirates can go anywhere from a 5 minute wait to an hour+ wait. If it's at that 5 minute mark, go! Since you already have your fast passes for Sorin and the Frozen ride, in Epcot, you don't have to worry about timing. Enjoy the world showcase! But do pay attention to what time you need to use your fast passes. Nothing is worse than losing a fast pass because you lost track of time. Maybe even set a timer on your phone that will go off when your window for the fast pass opens.

5// If you've already seen the fireworks in Magic Kingdom that is the best time to shop and checkout!! There is virtually no-one in the Emporium! And if you are staying on property they can send your purchases to your hotel. Just make sure you aren't leaving tomorrow, your items may not get to the hotel in time. 

6// If you can go in January or February you're going to have less people in the parks. If you go in July or August, prepare for lines! And don't be afraid of the rain. It will rain every day in the summer for like an hour, just wear different shoes and splash in the puddles. You won't melt I promise.

7// On that same note, try to go to Animal Kingdom on a cooler day. Because of the way the park is setup, you will spend almost the entire day walking outside. The cooler it is the more you're going to enjoy it, also that park closes the earliest out of all of them so don't wait until 5pm to get there or you're only going to have 1-2hrs to enjoy it before it closes. The animals have to sleep!

8// You don't really need everyone to bring a backpack. Bring one backpack if you haven't been before, with your snacks and either an umbrella or ponchos and you'll be fine. It's just going to make you more tired when everyone is complaining that their back hurts from carrying so much around all day. Don't forget your sunscreen though, trust me!

9// Eat a turkey leg, dole whip, and an ice cream bar! Just do it, they are all amazing. You'll thank me later!

10// Watch the fireworks at all parks. If you don't you're doing something wrong! They are just so great. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios all have fireworks that close out the night. Hollywood Studios even has a Star Wars fireworks show at times. All are worth it. There's no place for fireworks like Disney! 

There's 10. If you found this helpful let me know and maybe I'll do some more tips and tricks to enjoying your Disney Days!