Life Lessons From Movies

life lessons from movies.jpg

I know this is getting to be an old movie now, but I just saw "About Time" yesterday and I loved it! Below are my favorite lessons from the movie. This post is going to be filled with lots of spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie maybe go watch it and come back. 

If you don't care about spoilers, but haven't seen the movie I'll give you a brief overview. There is a family in which all the males of the family can travel back in time, only in their own lives. This is very helpful when they do something they wish they could do over. The story centers around Tim, who finds out this secret about his family. He decides his gift is always going to be about love, and that he he is going to mainly use it when love is concerned. He meets a girl and they fall in love. My favorite character in the movie is his dad. I just love him! There is something about him the entire movie that is so full of life. He understands that everyday is precious and tries not to waste a single moment. It's like he has this secret to life, wink wink. It turns out he does have the secret to life. He lives each day once like normal, with the worries of life and the struggles. Then he lives the same day over, noticing the smiles in peoples faces, and the beautiful scenery. He sees the beauty in everyday life that so many of us miss.

And for me, this is the best message of the story! 

We live so much of our lives running from day to day so stressed that we miss the beauty in everyday. We don't have the ability to relive days, we only get one chance to get them right. 

Every morning, the new light of the day, the smell of coffee, the smile of a loved one are all precious. These are all such gifts that we tend to take for granted. I won't ruin everything in the movie if you havn't seen it, but I love how Tim learns how precious the everyday life is. How, the rainy days, or the days that you wake up and the baby is crying are so beautiful in their own ways. 

This is your challenge: Take some time today and tomorrow to step outside of the normal and remember how blessed you truly are. 

Live everyday on purpose. Today I got a haircut and purposefully talked to the hairdresser about her dreams, and tried not to talk about the weather. I tried to get to know her on a deeper level. I asked her about her favorite vacation and talked about her family. It was so great!

What did you notice about today that was beautiful?