Make Your Day Better By Doing This!

Each day gives choices, and today, you should make this choice, do for someone else. It doesn't have to be in a big way, but I can promise you if you do something else for someone today you're day will be better. If you buy the meal or coffee of the person in line behind you in the drive through, or look at the person in the checkout line in the store and truly ask them how their day is going, it will brighten your day so much more than if you had zoned out and left. 

Really listen when you are talking to someone. We've all hear the phrase about listening vs. hearing, but it's so true. When you're in line at the grocery store, or getting coffee, or at the library, really listen to the people you're coming in contact with. You never know someones background or what they're going through. And let me say this, when you listen and you're caring and you hope that they have a wonderful day and you look them in the eye, they may not say the same back, and that's ok. When you care about them and you're hearing what they're saying, it's not about how they respond to you, because it's not about you. It's about them. Taking a moment and stepping out of the mindset that it's "about me" is so important. It WILL change your day! 

You never know what small act of kindness will do to someone. You could be an answer to prayer and not even know it, how amazing is that. It's the small decisions we make every day that end up making up who we are in the future. 

Do you have a story about how someone made your day by doing something small and unexpected? Do you have a favorite story about something you've done for someone else? The emotions behind those are so amazing and beautiful! 

Have a great day! Be kind to each other!