April Favorites

April Favorites.jpg

My apartment is starting to look like an apartment and it is great! It's warming up outside and starting to get into festival season, which I have this year, so exciting! I'm so happy to be able to walk to places now and have friends in the mountains that I get to visit soon! Here are some of my favorites from this month/

1// Inspiration. I found Peter McKinnon and his such a good source on inspiration and positivity on the internet! Besides the fact that he's super knowledgeable about photography and cinematography, and that his channel is super exploding right now, he's so positive! I love how he always seems excited to share whatever it is that's going on that day. I will always love me some Casey Neistat, because the dude is awesome, but I really have been loving Peter's content this month! IF you don't know who either of those people are...youtube them now!!....I'll wait.....

You back, aren't they awesome!! ok let's move on. 

2// Post from around the web. There is a post by Jordan Lee of SoulScripts that speaks about how we can refocus when we feel too busy for God. One of the main points in the article is that we tend to check off the box of quiet time, if we even get to it that day, without even realizing that God should be all of our day, not just one section of it. That's so true! It's not a condemning article just a thought provoker. 

3// Purchase. Since I moved to Colorado I've noticed that my skin gets dry so quickly. I'm grateful for the amount of water I've been drinking, but the dry skin I don't want to become a thing. I was on the hunt for something to help in the most un-intrusive way. This is what I found! I went to LUSH and found the Buffy Body Scrub. It has changed my morning ritual. The scrub has almonds, Shea and Cocoa butter, and other very hydrating ingredients that make my skin feel hydrated all day. I don't use it everyday, because it's  $12 a bar, but also because I want to have it be an exciting part of my morning rather than something that I feel I have to do. If you pamper yourself every now and then with a purchase it should feel special, not routine.

4// Entertainment. I was told about the new Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why. Before you click you should know this, it is emotionally brutal! Not to say that I didn't like it, because I did. I actually watched all 13 episodes within 12 hours. My binge watching capabilities are impressive, I know. However, this show takes you on an emotional ride that doesn't end in a happy spot. It ends in one of those spots where you think, how? why? I'm so mad? I think it can be a truly eye opening watch if you haven't ever had a view into bullying and the impacts of it. Ok, shaking that off, let us move on. If you do watch it, or you have watched it, what did you think?

5// Focused on. Getting my work life organized. Speaking of youtube I've been watching tutorials on how to better use outlook. It's such a great resource when you work in a more traditional work environment, and I know I'm not using it to its potential. I'm getting there though. 

What did you learn this month?