My 10 Favorite Simple Pleasures

I love travel! I love the thrill of seeing a new city and exploring places I've never been. The rush of meeting new people and hearing their stories, but I also love having my own space. I love the small moments in life that we accidentally, through all the hustle and bustle of life, tend to overlook. Below are my favorite overlooked moments that deserve to be highlighted.

1// The feeling of accomplishment when you cook dinner after a long day. You get home from a long day at work, put on your house clothes (we all have them), and watch tv. You're hungry, but trying to be good with your budget, so you look in the fridge and come up with a pretty good option for dinner. Yum!

2// Sleeping in your own bed. A few hours pass, you've finished watching your rerun of Gilmore Girls, and it's time to go to sleep. There's nothing quite like the comfort of sleeping in your own bed!

3// When you finish your eyeliner and it's perfectly even! After that beautiful night of sleep you just had, it's time for work again. You get up, brush your teeth, and put on your makeup. Your right eye looks amazing, ok here is the test can you repeat what you just did. Yes! Score!

4// The smell of coffee in the morning. Now that your makeup looks great it's time to get some food and get out the door. You grab a bar to go, and make yourself some coffee. Can you smell it? I can.

5// When your home is clean. Your work day went by so fast that it's already time to go home. When you get there you open the door and exhale because it's clean inside leaving you with no chores to do tonight. 

6// Handwriting a letter. Since there's no chores to do today, you decide to sit down and finally write that letter to your friend back home who you promised you would write to. You talk on the phone all of the time, but it' nice to get snail mail every now and then.

7// Finishing that book you've been working on. You finish your letter, go you!, and now you decide to read those last three chapters of the book on your nightstand that has been haunting you for months. 

8// Going to bed early. Tomorrow's Friday and you're so ready for the weekend that you decide tonight you'll go to bed early to be extra prepared for tomorrow. 

9// Putting your out of office on. Yay it's Friday at 5pm! It's time to put that out of office on and enjoy the weekend. 

10// Learning something new about your camera or computer that you didn't know before. You go out with friends Friday night but decide to wake up early anyway on Saturday and go to the farmers market. You bring your camera and learn a new technique you hadn't thought of before! 

Ahh, doesn't that just feel good to read! I'm already more relaxed and happy. Sometimes it's the small moments in everyday life that we skip over, but are so great when you stop and thing about them. What are your favorite simple pleasures in life?