February Favorites

Oh the many many changes this month has brought. I picked up my life and moved across the country. Ahhhh! It's exciting, but also makes me nervous. I keep calling it my trust exercise. Amongst all the chaos and excitement I still found a few new things that are my favorites from this past month.

1// Inspiration. I watched the Netflix "I Am Not Your Guru" and loved it!! I will say there is language in it, so if you have little ones maybe put headphones in, but it's so good. I have seen Tony Robinson pop up as a suggestion of something I would like, but I never actually watch any of his talks. He is a lifestyle coach, specializing in getting to the bottom of why we do what we do. Once I watched the documentary I couldn't stop. I've watched so many youtube videos and read other articles about him and what he does. So good!

2// Post from around the web. I really loved reading this post about how "Love Taza" does some of her beauty routines. If you don't' follow her blog, you should! I love that family, they are so sweet, and I want to go on all of their vacations with them, adopt me!

3// Purchase. I've been on the hunt for a nude lip that I can wear everyday, and this month was the month I found it! Matte While by MAC is the lip color that works best for me! I also bought the lip primer which honestly, I feel like made a bigger difference than the lip color. I kept having the problem of buying matte lip colors and then putting a lip balm under them. Whenever I did that, it would make the color glossy again, not what I was looking for. The primer really does keep your lips moisturized but doesn't add the gloss. Perfect!

4// Entertainment. I started watching and ended up binging "Ripper Street" on Netflix. I oritionaly clicked on it due to Matthew Macfayden being the main character. I loved him so much in "Pride and Prejudice" and love him just as much in this series. 

5// Focused on. I need to find an apartment that has a good mix of location and functionality! I don't want to be directly downtown but want to be able to walk to it if I wanted to. Looking at more tomorrow, I have high hopes for those!!

What did you learn and love this month?