Why I Never Make a New Year's Resolution

Don't Make a New Year's Resolution - AVintageJoy

At the beginning of last year I did a post called "My Not Goals for 2017" and I still fully believe what I wrote. I personally don't make New Years resolutions. With the way my brain works, as soon as I forget a day of "no gluten January" or "I'll workout every Monday/Wednesday/Friday" then I get discouraged and end up not doing the resolution in its entirety. 

I find that if I have goals based upon the month where I can accomplish the goal at any time during that month I'm much more successful with my goals. It allows me that freedom to do them when I can.

In 2018 there is something I want to do though. I want to be more generous this year than I have ever been before. More generous with my belongings, with my time, and with my talents. Here's why I think you should do that this year too.

I remember a time last year that I was so stressed out. I was working all of the time, I felt like I was bairly sleeping due to the stress, and the sleep I was getting was spent dreaming about work. Yeah I know right! Why is working following me into my sleep?! During that time I had the opportunity to volunteer. Although I felt that I had no time, I for some reason said yes. What I wasn't expecting to happen was those tow-three hours that I spend volunteering with those kids cleared my mind in a way that hadn't happened for months. I wasn't focused on myself, I got out of my head and focused on someone elses needs. 

The next day I went back to work more relaxed than I would have been had I not spend the previous day with those kids. I felt rejuvenated. I will give you a quick warning though... don't volunteer to feel better about yourself, because honestly if that's why you're being generous, you're not really being generous, you're being selfish.

But take a serious step back and rethink your strategy for this year. Remember, in a not morbid way, that you're only on this earth for so long. What do you want to spend your time and money on? I want to spend this next year remembering that "my things" and "my time" really isn't my time at all. What do I really own? If I'm being honest with myself, everything I have is really just rented and is a gift. I want to "regift" in the best way possible. I want to spend my money helping others and lifting them up, I want to spend my time as wisely as possible. I want to be generous. So many people see themselves as a generous person, but how generous are we really being in our day to day lives? 

That's my "not goal" for 2018. I want to live this year as generous as I can be. It will be hard to start because I'm so use to thinking "my things" are my own, but I'll get there! One step at a time.

Who's with me?!