My Best Purchases of the Year!

My Best Buys of 2017 - AVintageJoy

Throughout the year I somehow purchase so many little and sometimes big things. However, there are always things that really stand out as items I'm so glad I purchased, or items that I find myself using more than others. Here's my list of favorites from this past year.

1// A white bed comforter. I had been wanting one for years but never brought myself to purchasing one, and I'm regretting not purchasing it sooner. I'm obsessed with my white bed. I was walking around in TJMAXX, as you do, and all of a sudden I found the perfect white comforter. I've read multiple studies about how a white bed helps you sleep better and that's what finally made me break down and buy the comforter. I really do feel like it helps me have a more sound sleep.

2// My living room rug. I had been looking for living room rug for so long. I wanted a rug that was a good neutral that would work for all seasons and looked purposeful all times of the year. It's white as well, no not everything in my house is white just these two things, but it works for everything. From being a neutral in the spring, to feeling cozy and keeping my feet warm in the fall and winter, I'm so in love with my white rug.

3// Lip primer from MAC. I mentioned this in my winter essentials post, but it really is one of the best beauty items I acquired this year. I was searching for almost a lip balm to put under my matte lips that moisturized but didn’t change my matte lips into a satin lip. There were so many I tried that would work, but turned my lipstick into a satin instead of keeping them a warm matte that I was looking for. MAC was a Godsend! 

4// Jane Iredale Longest Lash mascara. I actually got this one as a gift, but I'm almost at the point where I need a new mascara, and I'm definitely purchasing this one! Because it was a gift I didn't realize it was suppose to help your eyelashes grow. One day I was looking into the mirror and I thought to myself "are my eyelashes longer?" Yes!! Yes they are. It's really worked for me.

5// A classic and quality winter jacket! I would also suggest one that is more of a neutral so that it lasts years! Mine is a black longer trench from Zara and it's my go to when it's cold outside! My favorite part is that it works for every occasion. I can wear it to work over my suit to work, or I can pair it with a sweater and jeans! 

6// LUSH R&B hair moisturizer. The sticker price, depending on how much you're looking for, can be a little surprising, but in my opinion it's worth it. In the summer and spring when my hair tries to get frizzy, it helps calm my hair down, and during the winter when my hair tries to dry out, it adds the moisture my hair needs! 

7// Tickets to experiences! One of my favorite aspects of life is travel! Anytime I'm in Florida I have..have to go to Disney! My last time back however, I was planning on not going to Disney. I couldn't make it the week without purchasing a ticket. It was so much fun. I hadn't been on the new Pandora ride, and it was going to be the only time I would get to see the castle lit up for Christmas. It was worth it! #treatyoself.

Also in the Summer there is a renaissance festival I really wanted to go to. I started to doubt myself, but I decided to ignore those doubts and went anyways with a friend and it was amazing! I had so much fun walking around exploring, and felt like I was in a video game the entire time! I wrote a post about the festival here! 

So many great aspects of 2017 and so many lessons learned. Spend your money and time on things that improve your life and the life of others! Excited and waiting for what 2018 brings.