December Goals (10 in 30)

December Goals - AVintageJoy

It's that time!! I'm so ready for this season. All of the downtown trees have lights on them, people are wearing their boots and beanies, and the coffee is always hot! December goals are one of my favorite set of goals to make each year because everything is cozy and I get to spend time looking for presents for those I love. Also, I have an entire month of remembering who's birthday it is and the reason for the season! 

1// Buy cozy socks!! I really want to get the ones that have the grip on the bottom.

2// Go to the local German Village. Every year there’s a small village that they put up that apparently has wonderful mulled wine and I want to try it!

3// Purchase all of my presents at least a week before Christmas. This year more than the others this is an important one, because some of them I need to ship and I don’t want to be waiting in a huge line to do so.

4// Set myself a Christmas Present Budget and stick with it. Another plus to purchasing my present beforehand is that I’ll have the time to sit and think through what to get each person, creating a more personal gift and saving money!

5// Start thinking about apartments. I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to release where I’m at or if I need to start looking for another place to live once my lease is up. I want to start creating a game plan for either scenario

6// See the Nutcracker, or another show. It’s such a fun holiday thing to do, and a great reason to have a fun night out.

7// Try two Pinterest baking recipes. I really love pinning all of the beautiful creations on Pinterest but I rarely ever try them out. There’s no better time than the holidays to try a few!

8// Break in my new leather jacket. I recently purchased a brown moto jacket and I love it! However, it still feels like I just bought it. I need to wear it in so that it feels like my jacket.

9// Watch at least fifteen Christmas Movies! It doesn't matter if it's a classic, made for tv, or Netflix Christmas movie, I want to watch it! Some are so worth it, and some just make me laugh. Do you have a "must watch" Christmas movie? Mine is definitely White Christmas! 

10// Enjoy this month! I get to spend time with my family and show them around my new city during the most magical time of the year!