Christmas Gift Guide

Make sure this year that your gifts have a personal touch to each one of them!

I'm a little...ok a lot obsessed with Christmas. I believe it's the most magical time of the year filled with such wonder that even the sky chimes in and brings some extra ambiance. However, the hardest part of Christmas is trying to find out what gifts to buy for people. 

The best gifts are those that people can tell you spent time on, that you remembered their favorite of something or thought that this items can help their lives in someway. Who doesn't want to be that reminder for their friends and family that they've been thinking about them and looking for a present that "looks like them." For me, that's personally one of may favorite things, when someone gives me a present and says "I saw it and it looked like you so I had to buy it!" 

Here are a few of my favorite buy for friends and family.

An Adult Onesie. To start off your gift exchange, bring a fun element of surprise by putting a fun adult size onesie in there. I find onesies such fun whimsical addition to a cold winter night. They really do keep you warm, but also keep you in good spirits. How can you not be laughing when wearing a onesie. Even the thought of someone angry in a onesie makes me laugh. 

Wonder Woman the movie on dvd or blue ray! I love this movie so much, I feel like it has a wonderful message to it, and it's directed by a woman. We need more female directors, show some love! 

A coffee grinder. Give the gift of happiness, aka fresh coffee. They will think of you each morning and be so grateful during those times that they accidentally purchase the whole been coffee as opposed to the ground coffee bags.

A bathtub caddy. After a long day working hard, pampering yourself shouldn't feel complicated. Give your loved one the peace of mind that you've already got it covered. I will say I would probably put some bath bombs with the caddy so they can start off the "bathtub caddy experience" on the right foot. Also, if they don't know you're getting them a caddy, they may not realize what to do with it, lol.

A Sleep Mask. When you're on a long flight all you want to do is sleep at some point during the flight, but that's the exact time that someone around you wants to read. A sleep mask feels a little funny to put on until you're sleeping soundly and then you're so grateful to have that mask! Perfect for the person who's always on a plane to somewhere.

A Figurine. If you have any friends or family in your life that are a little nerdy, this is so perfect! I personally have a few pop figurines on my bookshelf and I feel like it adds so much character, see what I did there, to the bookshelf. You could pick something from their favorite video game, comic book character, tv show, you name it! You could also take this another way and purchase a jewelry item that they can wear that reminds them of their favorite ____. I've seen so many delicate looking necklaces or bracelets that have a W for wonder woman. 

Two Tickets to Something. This could be a concert, show, event, cooking class, you name it. Something that they can look forward to that you will be doing together. On Christmas day they will be receiving so many items why not give them the gift of an experience that you'll share together. 

A Subscription to a monthly box. There are so many monthly options out there from food, to nerdy things, to makeup, to clothing. Have your Christmas present last all year by purchasing a monthly subscription for someone. That way they feel the Christmas spirit all year and they also think of you every time they open a box. This is great for the loved one who is far away!

The best presents I've ever gotten have been ones that I could tell thought went into. It's hard when life goes so fast, but what can you do this year to add something a little more personalized to your gifts?