October Favorites

October Favorites - AVintageJoy

This is not a drill, it's that time again to put away the summer items and pull out the cozy sweaters, fall decorations, warm beanies, and prepare for the holidays. This is my absolute favorite time of the year, second only to the wonderful cozy nights of December. I love decorating and having my home feel cozy, I Iove the fall colors and I love spending this time of year with those that I cherish. 

However, before you pull all of the plaid items in your closet, let's take a moment to reflect on October. Also, I may have already pulled out all of my fall and winter clothes, I can't help it. 

Inspiration. The Chip Ingram App. It has a bunch of small 30 minutes series' about so many different aspects of life. I've been listening to the "The Real God" series and it's so good! It's about obtaining the correct view of God. The goodness of God was a brutal one to hear. 

Blog Post. I'm so excited to share my favorite day of the year so far with you!! It's coming later this week! But here's a hint in my favorite post from this month! 

(Want to know what my favorite day of the year has been? Check it out here)

Purchase. Ever feel like you spend all of this time on your makeup and then it comes off two hours later? Ya, me too! Last week a friend of mine introduced me to the Urban Decay All Night Spray and I love it! It truly does allow your makeup to last all day. I tend to work 10+ hour days so this for me is a lifesaver. At the end of the day I still look like I have makeup on! Win!

Entertainment. On the youtube train, I've been watching a ton of tutorials and the ones I keep watching over and over are the ones by Tanya Burr. This is her fall makeup tutorial from last year. Love the dark lip! It also helps that she lives in England, one of my ultimo favorite places to visit.

Focused on. Having the right focus, and seeking wisdom in my life in all areas. Sounds a little introspective, but it's important in this season. We spend so much of our energy on things that we can not control or on outcomes that we don't know will happen or not. I'm trying to have an outward mindset and only focus on things that I have a part in, letting those I don't fall aside. Don't stress about what you can't control!  

What were your favorites from October?