You Are Not Alone!

Do you have a passion, but aren't sure how to start? Do you have days where you feel alone? Days when you think about the past a little too much? Days when you think about the future a little too much? Have you had people tell you you're too young, or too old to know what you're doing? 

Ya me too! You are not alone! Thats the real secret isn't it. There are times that we get inside of our own heads and start to feel as though we are the only ones who have these and other thoughts. The only ones who wonder if the place we are at now is where we are suppose to be. Should we be doing something else, are we not doing enough in general with our lives? Do all the other apartments really look like Pinterest tell us they look? Absolutely not!! 

Friendship is born in that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’
— C.S. Lewis

The way to get out of this mindset of feeling alone is to realize that the mindset is a lie! If you are feeling this way more days than you aren't, here's the sure fire way to crush it. Talk to other people. Ask them how they’re really feeling, and do an act of service expecting nothing in return. The secret to crush the lie that you are alone in your life is to have a real conversation, because I’m pretty sure in the other person’s mind they are also alone sometimes. Get out of your own head and you’ll start to realized that the “you’re all by yourself” lie is just that, a lie!

There is always an excuse not to, but get involved somewhere. Yes, there will be groups you will try that won't work, but you'll be trying. That's half the battle. No one wants to feel alone, even the other people out there who look intimidating. Open up a dialogue and those same intimidating people you’ll find are also thinking they’re the only ones who feel alone.

These days we spend to much of our time having ourselves in mind. What makes the difference is when we stop thinking about ourselves. Imagine a world where we all stopped thinking about ourselves and thought of those around us. How fulfilled we would be!

We would be so much more inclusive, because there would be no other choice. If we think about how we can help others that is how we stop feeling that we are by ourselves. Eventually you will look around and you will be with a group of people focusing on someone else, and you’ll realize you really never were alone. I challenge you to do something small every day this week that helps another person, or ask someone a real question about themselves. At the end of the week you will feel more connected to people than last week! 

Then at the end of the week thin about how you felt over that week. Did you feel alone? Probably not! We can all learn more about how to support each other, but it only takes one small act to realize how not alone you are!


Do you ever feel like you're the only one going through what you're going through right now? Use this as a reminder of why you're not as alone as it seems!