February Goals (10 in 30)

There are a TON!! of changes that will be happening this month that I'm so excited about. The largest of which is, I'm moving! How crazy is that. I'm so excited for this new opportunity, but now comes all the work to get moved. Here are my goals for this month!

1// Declutter my apartment. It's something I've been working towards the past few months, but I really need to take it seriously this month. Keep what I need and love and get rid of everything else.

2// Remember, Don't freak out. I always think of Chuck when I hear that, but it's something I need to remember this month. With so may changes it's important to still enjoy each day.

3// Explore Local. There are still so many places where I currently live that I want to explore. I want to get out there and see some new places.

4// Finish the two books I'm reading. (see my January Favorites to find out what they are!)

5// Buy winter clothes. I need more jackets and cold weather clothes asap!

6// Move! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to move. It's a crazy thing to say, but I'll be moving in about two weeks.

7// Trust!! I started out this journey with taking a step of faith. I need to keep doing that. Doors have been opened and I'm trusting and walking through them. 

Those are my main goals for this month. A lot of this month will be centered around the move. I'm excited to share what I learn along the way, so that those who go through the process after I do will have some tricks to use! Here we go!!