Remember to Learn for Fun

I had a difficult few days this past month followed by a binge of looking around on youtube. I was searching for a few videos that I could learn from. I needed to stop thinking about all of the stressful things and just learn. In that moment I realized I hadn't done that in at least a year. I hadn't actively searched or researched something simply for the reason of learning in a long time. 

In my work life there are times every day when I learn, but it has a specific purpose. It helps me get closer to a work goal, or plan a project, it's helpful for my team, or helps make me a better leader. None of those are bad reasons, but I hadn't learned an ancillary task or learned about something just to learn in a while. Since that hit me it has helped me remember what I loved about learning when I was in school. 

I loved the atmosphere, I will say mainly in college, of people being there to learn. There is always the one person in class who challenges the professor and annoys the rest, but that person was interesting to me. Was I that person, ha no, but I was like the 5th or 6th on the list of people who would talk in class. I'm not the one you call on because they never talk, but when I felt I could, I would say something. (However if you're in a class of 500 am I really going to talk, probably not.) 

Moving on, I loved learning for the sake of learning. That's what I hope you love about learning too. I hope this helps you remember the feeling of learning for the sake of learning. Even in the long days of work where life can be hard, don't forger to learn. It's good for your brain too because when you get home you don't zone out, watch tv, sleep then repeat the process the next day. You're doing something out of the ordinary for your brain that is challenging it and making it work. Here are a few things I've done recently. I hope you can help me add more to this list:

  1. Read a new book

  2. Cooked a recipe I had never cooked before

  3. Tried a new at home stretch. (don't hurt yourself though)

  4. Went to the grocery store and tried a new type of food

  5. Dusted off my little ukulele, tuned it and learned a new song

  6. Researched more about travel and how people travel and save money

Taking a step out of the everyday is so wonderful. We need to never forget to learn more!