My Favorite Places in NYC

There are some cities that no matter how many times you visit you will always find something new that you love! NYC is one of those cities. These are my favorites!

There are some cities that no matter how many times you visit them, you will never see everything there is to see. New York is the first of those that comes to mind. This city has such a personality of it's own. Below are a few of my favorite places in New York City. 


If you love museums, you will be obsessed with this one. Egyptian, US, Japanese, Mexican, Roman exhibitions are everywhere. With so many different wings and new Exhibitions that change based on the time of year, you can never fully see this museum in a day. Although you should definitely try! I would say, get up early buy a bagel, get on the train, and enjoy the museum for the day. When you're done head to the roof and reward yourself with a glass of wine. Try one more room and then head out for dinner, or honestly just outside for a hotdog. For the best view of sunset, go to The Met on Friday or Saturday, the rooftop will stay open later. The Rooftop is open May-October, depending on weather conditions. 


Just do it! You're in New York. You're going to end up spending a lot of money, get use to the idea of it while planing. It will hurt when you spend $100-200 USD for a seat but you'll be glad you did. You will have seen a show on Broadway! If you want to go to two things at once, see a night show. Put on your suit or a dress and head out for the night. See your show and then walk around time square. If you will be walking for a long distance though, so bring your flats in your purse and swap them out after the show.


An obvious favorite, but it never fails. The area near where you rent the boats in particular is one of my favorite spots in the park. Such a pretty skyline and fun to see everyone in their paddle boats. Would I rent! I know myself and I would get tired real quick and then I'm stuck in the middle of a lake.

I personally love renting bikes and biking around central park. It's a fun and easy way to see a lot without getting as tired. You can stop and sit for a few minutes, but also keep going and just go on an old fashion bike ride. When was the last time you went on a bike ride? Mine was a long time ago; who has time to ride a bike now a days. 


This is my ultimate favorite building. There is just something about it that is so beautiful. Being a few blocks south of the Empire State Building, it's also a perfect place to stop and relax and eat. Once you brave the crowds and head up the Empire State Building, you can walk a few blocks south and relax. There is a Shake Shack in the park so you can stop and people watch, eat lunch, and enjoy the view of the Flat Iron!


I have an obsession with thrift shopping. New York is the perfect place to get inspired! Brooklyn Flea is more of your classic flea market just with hipsters and large pieces of hand made furniture. You can find some gorgeous rugs though!! The Chelsea Market does have an area to shop for items, but the majority is food related. Don't go to Chelsea Market to find souvenirs, go hungry.


I love this place because you’re not only in the building where they film SNL, but you also have the opportunity to look and see the Empire State Building. I find the view something that is just as pretty, but you also get to add the Empire State Building to the picture.

Bonus Tip: Don't try to see everything in one trip. In any vacation, even if you're not sure when you will come back, you can't try to cram all the sights into one week or less; it would end up being more stressful than fun. Have some time each day to relax and do whatever you feel like in the moment. 

What is your favorite spot to visit in NYC?