March 10 in 30

Holy Busy Batman, where did February go. I feel like I blinked and it went from January to March. It's time to make goals again!

1// My main goal this month is to be positive. It's been difficult from the stress of work to remain positive in my interactions with my friends and family. It's not their fault that my work is difficult right now. 

2// Color. I bought a coloring book last month and I love it!! I want to color more in this month.

3// Do more things than sleep and work. I think that was my biggest struggle in February. Literally all I was doing was working and sleeping. It became more draining to sleep than it did rejuvenating. I need to find things this month that give me energy. 

4// Go outside more. This is starting to sound depressing but it's not meant to, I just want to see the sun more. I tend to work the hours of the sun being out, that or I'm sleeping. This month I want to go to the beach more or sit outside and read. I want to do more things where I see the outdoors. In my defense allergies have been prevalent down here; I also have been hiding from the pollen. 

5// Take proactive steps to work towards my goals. Look into what options I have for my future goals. See how others have done what I want to. Research!! 

6// Keep work in perspective. Make sure my work is my work and my life is my life. Not my work is my life. I have a bad habit of making work my life and it should be a balance. 

7// Pick a month and week for my vacation. If I don't feel like I'm working towards a goal I start to get overwhelmed. I need to have a vacation goal in mind. I've read before that the anticipation of a vacation is one of the most important parts of a vacation. You get excited about all of the posibilities of what could happen and what you could explore and see. I agree with that. I plan half and the other half I just explore. I like to have one or two goals a day, the rest is up to whatever the day brings.

8// Research and read more about people that have moved to Europe and see how they did it. I've had a longing to move, at least for a couple years, over to England or Europe and I want to see how others have done it. How did they find work and support themselves while they were there? Know of any good articles I should read?

9// Purchase my mac!! I know which one I want, now I just have to pull the trigger and purchase it!

10// Find ways to relax more this month. I've been so stressed. It's not healthy for your body to be in constant stress. I need to find ways to de-stress when I can. 

This month is hopefully going to be one filled with more calm days, hours at the beach, focus on what's important, and making a list of priorities. Everyone has 24 hours in their day, it's up to us how we spend it. I am going to organize mine better this month! What are your goals?