5 Sick Day Essentials

We've all had those days where you thought the night before, maybe I should take something. I feel a little off, but then we didn't. When you wake up the next morning it hits you, that yuck feeling that makes you want to never get out of the blanket warmth.

Unfortunately, you have to pay for things like an apartment, and food, so you get up and head to work. It honestly doesn't matter if your day at work ends up going smoothly or if it's a hard day, both ways still feel blurry. You think back on, and appreciate more, the times when you could breath through your nose. Past self, you should have been more grateful to be able to taste things! It's during those times I've found it's so important to do a few small things for yourself. These tips get you out of the fog, and back on track to rock you work week! Here's what I've found.


There are times when you’re sick that you can’t get out of bed. All you day is lay there all day. If you’re well enough, catch up on your reading. If you’re like me, you have a stack of books that you want to get to, but work books get in the way. Take some time and travel to a new country via a book!

2// SLEEP!!

It's such a wonderful gift. Don't push yourself to do things when your sick. Your body may be sick because you're pushing it too hard in the first place. It's important to not only recognize when you need to sleep, but that you actually go to sleep instead of pushing through. Get those seven to eight hours for a few nights, and you’ll feel better!


…and watch a few of your favorite movies, or TV shows. This is probably my favorite part about being sick. There are so many negatives, but the one positive is catching up on the shows that you haven't had a chance to. If you push yourself when you're sick, it's only going to get worse. Sit down, put a blanket over yourself, grab a bowl of soup, and watch some TV, you'll thank me later.


Go by things like heating pads, medication, chicken noodle soup, and vitamins now while your healthy so sick you doesn't have to deal with it. I keep a homemade heating pad in my drawer so when I feel achy I can put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, and I know I will start feeling better soon. I've also learned recently that you can take your face cloth, put some water on on, heat it up in the microwave, and then put it in a sip lock bag. Don't make it too hot, but you can use this combination to help with sinus pressure. Place the hot cloth in the bag on top of your nose. It really helps with reveling pressure and opening passage ways. 


If your throat hurts, hot tea and honey is a great trick. Text instead of talk and take it one step at a time. Crackers if you feel nauseous, and orange juice for extra vitamin C. Stock up and create your area in your bed or your couch. Feel better soon!!  If you need shows to watch Gilmore Girls, New Girl, and Fixer Upper are all on Netflix. 


If I can at all help myself in any way from getting sick,  I vote yes. Sometimes the sickness is going around and there's no way to stop it. I have fought off two rounds of sickness by taking daily vitamins and daily airborne. I buy the chewy ones, because who likes swallowing pills? Not me! Also, If you start to feel sick, drink all of the water you can find! It's hard for me to choose water when the more appetizing cousins of coffee is just around the corner. I've found water to be my lifeline when I'm sick. It really does help your system flush out all the toxins. 

We've all had those days where you thought the night before, maybe I should take something I feel a little off, but then we didn't. Here's how I get through those days.

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