A Big Problem In Today's Workplace

Think of one of your proudest moments in life. Now, take a step back from that moment and remember all of the people who supported you to help you reach that moment. Yes, there are times and people who have been their own support, but even if your family isn't blood we all have those friends who are our family. Support from your friends and at the workplace is what makes the difference. I don't believe people are mainly motivated by money but by their perceived quality of life at work. Here's why I believe that.

In today's workplace we are told that the "just college graduated" working generation is motivated by money. If I get a bonus then it makes my hours worth it, if I get that promotion that comes with a bigger raise then it's all worth it. But money really isn't the biggest motivator, it's support. Support does come at times in a monetary way, I mean we all have to pay bills, but it isn't the biggest deciding factor in every scenario. We see stories all the time where the former high up in a company left to work for a small privately owned something something. I believe one of the reasons that happens so frequently is because money does't fulfill the promises it tries to. We want to have a balanced life working for, and with leaders. 

There are managers and there are leaders. Those two are distinctly different. A manager walks through, says hello, smiles and keeps walking. A leader understands his/her team. A leader can be anyone from any level of the organization. A manager is a title not an attitude. A leader does all they can to understand the needs of the team and is there to support the team. In a situation that calls for teamwork or during a hard day, the support of your team and the support you give to your team is what makes the difference. Don't be the first to point a finger when something goes wrong, be the one who helps find the solution. 

In my work life, when I feel that I have the true support of my leaders, I will work my hardest and be there to help in any way possible. You don't have employees searching for another job when are being fulfilled at their current job. I've seen many people who will work for a company, making less, because they truly believe leadership is on their side. When someone feels appreciated and supported why would they look for somewhere else to go? 

We spend so much of our adult time at work, why wouldn't we want to feel the support of our leaders? I thrive when I'm in a place that I feel safe in. There will be times when we mess up, although we are trying our best, but we feel horrible and want to do better, because there was the confidence of the leaders that we can do great things. If you're a leader, create the environment that calls for a team of people that support each other, it will make all the difference! This generation is searching for leaders who care. Be those leaders, and find places to learn from those leaders. And also, make sure you can pay your bills, just saying!