July 10 in 30 Finale

Let's review July and see how we did, shall we!

1// Eat more regular meals. I've been really bad recently at eating healthy. Last month I had a really good run at eating healthy. This month I'm super failing.

✔️ Although I may have not cooked all of the meals myself I definitely ate more regularly. I even went to the grocery store a couple of time *gasp*

2// Read. It is something simple that I've learned helps me to stop thinking about work. I need to find more things that help me do that.

✔️ I started reading a book with my friend. We each read a chapter or two and then call each other and talk about it. We've slacked a little, but it has definitely helped to have accountability. 

3// Re-watch some of my old favorite movies. It's easy to forget how great all of those old movies are.

✔️ While packing for New York I watched The Sound of Music. Such a great classic. I've also learned recently that I can fall asleep while watching a movie but I can't fall asleep while watching a tv show. I think I'm afraid to miss something in the show, whereas the movie I have probably watched already.

4// Salad is your friend, salad is your friend. I feel like one of the sharks from finding Nemo with my mantra "Salad is friend, and food." 

And this is where the checkmarks stop...I still hate salad. I ate it some, but not as much as I should.

5// Plan for next month's vacation. I'm so excited to have some time off this and next month. I need to plan what I'm going to do next month.

✔️ I went to NYC with some of my friends, details soon. I'm also excited to do something this month for my birthday and spend time with family.

6// Say yes to more things. I know that work is difficult, but if I said yes to doing more it really does have an adverse affect to giving more energy.

✔️ My mantra has been "If you don't like it you can always go home." What a great reminder is that. I forget that too often. I think that if I go somewhere I'm stuck. No I'm not, I'm an adult with a car, I can just go home. The best thing about this strategy is that it puts you in the mindset to say yes when people ask you to do something. Once you get there you realize how much fun you're having. I haven't gone home early once!

7// Buy yourself one candle! I have a bad obsession with candles. One brand in particular. Every time I go into the store I always just smell it and walk past. I know it's a little expensive, but sometimes you need to reward yourself for your hard work and buy the candle!

1/2 ✔️ I bought a pair of shoes instead. I love them!

8// Take the picture, shoot the video. You can't compare your new hobby with someone who does it for a living. I have a bad habit of doing that. I need to just start taking the pictures and learning from the process.

1/2 ✔️ I did take more pictures this month but I also didn't use my new camera to do it. Phone cameras are so advanced now. I also didn't want to look like a tourist pulling out my camera at every tall building. I stayed in the moment more, that was also nice.

9// Make someone smile every day. Do something big or small that will make someone smile. Even something as small as buying the person behind you their coffee.

✔️  I bought coffee a couple times for the people I work with. I want to do more random acts for people I don't know this month.

10// Go on one random or do one random thing. Close to the "say yes" goal, but not the same. With this goal it's something that I've purposely set out to do. 

✔️ I've always wanted to go to a rooftop bar, now I can say that I have. It was very fun and very windy. Pictured above, so pretty!

Those are the results. How did your month go?