August 10 in 30

August Goals-2.jpg

It's the 8th month of 2016, what on earth! Soon we will all have to cross out 2016 when we write the date and write 2017 over it. Don't jump too far though, we still have a few months left!

1// Streamline. The next time I move I don't want to have to move as much stuff. I want to focus on keeping the thing of quality and getting rid of the other things. 

2// Travel to somewhere. Even if it's only for a weekend, I want to go somewhere. Now I just have to figure out someone to drag along.

3// Compare and contrast prices and buy that perfume I keep looking at.

4// Finish Mere Christianity and move to another C.S. Lewis book. #bookclub

5// Dance twice! Dance for me is a great way to relax and have fun. I want to find a place or a way to dance twice this month. So much fun!

6// Lean one new skill about one new area. This could be anything from part of a language, past US History, anything. 

7// Pay my 6 months insurance bill. I could pay month by month but I end up spending more money doing that. I just need to take the plunge and pay more now so that I pay less in the long run. 

8// Do something on the mornings that I close at work. When I am the closer at work I go in at 2pm. I have a bad habit of sleeping in too often on those days. I want to use my mornings to be productive!

9// Be purposeful about my days. I don't want to get into too much of a comfort zone that I go from day to day without consciously making plans. One small step today that you do, if done consistently, can make a huge impact on your life a year from now. I need to remember that works for me too.

10// Have a good birthday!! It's that time again. Birthdays as an adult are considerably less exciting, and that's sad. My goal is I want to be excited about my birthday this year!

What are you planning for this month?