The 10 Best Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping

I love making my home feel homey! I love chachkies! I love adding things to my home that make it feel like me. The pictures that have empty counters and always made beds are not a reality in my life. If you are one of the people who has a simplistic streamlined house, I'm jealous. For the rest of us, it's hard just trying to keep the living room table devoid of clutter. Here are a few simple ways I've found it easier to keep a more streamlined house and to say "no" to the unnecessary items while shopping.

1// What would I rather spend this money on? That dress looks so great, but keep your priorities in check. Keep your vacation, wanted expensive item, music lessons, baby crib, whatever it is that you need to spend your money on in your mind when you see a random "got to have it" item jump out at you. 

2// What if I cooked something for dinner instead? This is a great money saver. I know your hungry, but you already have things in your fridge that you could make dinner out of. Do you really need to stop and get take out? Nope

3// Between this store and the other, which was cheeper? This tactic is a great option when you know what you want. Go to more places than one and see which is cheaper. 

4// Think outside of the box for places that could also have your same item for cheaper. This month I'm looking for a new perfume. I know which one I want but I want to find the best price. I went into the first store I knew would have it and, yes I found it. However, it was $75! That's definitely more than I'm willing to spend. I closed my eyes as I put my perfume back on the shelf and walked out of the store. I decided to walk into the store next door to see what was in their for shoes. As soon as I walked in there was a perfume display! I didn't find my perfume, but it was a great reminder to check a couple places before walking to the register.

5// Where are you going to put this? I love that Target table too, but where is that going to fit in your already furnished home? If the answer is, it's not going to fit, put it back. You can do it!

6// If you buy this, something else needs to go. This is the one that I'm the worst at. Especially when it comes to shoes. After you ask question 5 ask this question. If you have a place to put it, is this replacing an item, or you really do just need a table?

7// Quality over Quantity. This can go for many many aspects of life, not excluding your home. If you are going to buy new clothes, buy the quality ones that will last. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend a lot more money to do so. If you shop smart in the clearance, or walk around the store to make sure you aren't missing any simple affordable items, you'll be fine. If you do decide to purchase a more expensive item, doe the price make sense for that item. The answer may be yes, but just make sure your shirt is worth the $$$ before you buy.

8// Know your weaknesses. If you can't walk into a makeup store without walking out having spent $100, maybe you shouldn't walk in there until you have the extra $100 to spend. 

9// Don't let the coupons fool you. If you were already going to buy something and there is a coupon, yyyyaaasss! Learn from my mistakes. There have been times that I've spent more because I had a coupon for something, don't do that. If you can find a way to plan your meals around coupons and end up saving money, that is a completely different story. That makes you a champion! Just don't walk into stores that you don't even like just because you have a coupon for $5 off of $50.

10// Buy off season. You feel a little crazy sometimes, but you can buy winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter, they still exist. Also, they are definitely cheaper when they're not in high demand. Who besides you is looking for winter boots in July/August? 

Are all of these easy to do, absolutely not! It's hard to say no when all the stores around you are telling you to do the exact opposite. Come spend $2,000 and receive a $20 coupon! What! Um no thanks, I'll save my 2k and you can keep your coupon.