Take a Break From Social Media

I see the irony of writing this on a social media platform but just go with me here for a second. I love the idea of social media being a way to stay in contact with friends and loved one who are far away. It's a way to still feel connected to their lives even when you can't physically be there. For me, the downside of social media has two layers: I don't care, and I care too much. Let me explain.

I don't care: What I mean by that is, why do I have to know where you're going at all times. I feel sad when I see people at a great concert or a wedding and all their doing is taking pictures or video. Take a picture or two and then be in the moment. If your visiting your friends at home, spend time with your friends. Your snap story doesn't need to be an hour long! I'm part of almost a middle generation that grew up with some computerness in my house, but not at all to the extent we have now. My computer usage as a child was frogger and aim. Now, I'm pretty sure a five year old knows more about an iPad than I do. I want you to look up and enjoy the scenery you are seeing! Yes, you may remember parts of your trip more because you filmed it. I'm all for that!! Just don't film every second, spend some time feeling like a local and not having the camera around your neck 24/7. 

I care too much: In a very real way I've noticed that my mood has changed since I've started watching a lot of youtubers. I love youtube!! It's probably my favorite social media platform, and then instagram. It's easy to watch people for hours on end either traveling, or vloging, or unpacking some box of makeup or home good items they just purchased. But I feel that this was leading to me feeling more and more discontent with my life. I would watch so much youtube that I felt sad that I couldn't bee traveling like they were. Yes, sometimes I take things too far and just want to sell all my things and then travel for the next few years, but for me that isn't realistic. Not only from a money and sanity perspective, but I also like having a home base. I like waking up in my bed and hanging out with friends I share a life with. I needed a break from watching all these amazing lives for a moment to remember how blessed I am to be where I am. I have a home, and food whenever I want. While I don't get to travel as much as I would like, I still get to travel! I'm so excited to share about my New York trip that is coming up shortly. 

It's important for us to not get so wrapped up in wanting things we don't have. Comparison is a thief of joy. I truly believe that. When you're on social media remember, everyone is different and leads different lives. Watch them, enjoy them but keep life in perspective. Just because your life isn't like theirs doesn't mean you have a bad life at all! You are blessed! Don't compare their highlight reel to your behind the scenes.