Life is a Balancing Act

A few days ago I posted about giving too much of my emotional "pie" out. It was a very honest post about how I've been feeling the past few months. But the thing is, not every day you end up with no "pie." There are days when work is easy or you're off and you end the day with the same pieces of pie that you started with. Life is a balancing act. 

Work/Life balance is something that, no matter your age, is hard to figure out. It's more of a trial and error experiment than a formula to follow. If it was easy everyone would have it figured out. Some seasons in life it makes more sense to work more, and sometimes you have to take a step back an reevaluate what you value in life and where your priorities are. I heard someone say once, that where you spend your time, is where your values lie. That is a hard pill to swallow if you're trying your best but still feel as though your life is out of balance. It's an important message to hear though. If nothing changes, nothing changes. That's a phrase my pastor growing up used to always say. It's such a true message. If you go though life not changing your habits but wanting your life to be a different way, it won't change. There has to be something in your life that changes in order for your life to change. It sounds simple, but I feel that we spend so much time these days wishing things were different but only "pinning" the difference on our boards and not actually making any steps in the direction we are feeling led to go in.

Life is hard. It's not a simple thing to go though, but it's also amazing and full of excitement and loved ones and amazing places to see. It's full of laughter and moments you never want to end. What you may see now is one section of one chapter but when you read back over past chapters of your life it starts to make sense why it had to happen that way. I don't believe every question we have about "why" will get answered, but it doesn't have to. If it did, life would be boring. When life feels hard, remember what you value and keep those you love close. Brush off those who tear you down, and don't listen to those who speak out of an unknowing mouth. Life if hard but if we try there is a way to find balance. 

It's hard, but important to realize that life is a balancing act. There are times when you need to "buckle down" and work. However, there are also times when you just need a moment to relax and that is absolutely ok! If you need to take a day and watch tv by yourself and not see the world, it's ok. If you need to drive to go see friends that you can be yourself around, it's ok! A balanced life is something that is hard to figure out but very much so worth the effort for!