Things I wish I knew in College

In college there were moments when I really wish someone just slightly older was there to help. If you're in that position right now, this is for you. Here are a few things I wish I had known when I was in college.

1// I know you're going through a lot right now but you can do this. I know you're juggling work, social life, and trying to get good grades. Remember to have balance, because there is going to be a time when you're a senior in college and just trying to muster yourself up to go to class. There will also be a time later that you will be working, a lot!, so have fun on your days off. Don't skip classes all the time, but it's ok to skip every once in a while. (I won't tell if you wont)

2// Do more fun things. When you have a break from school, don't work all break, or at least try not to. Take a road trip, go home and visit family, or hang out with your friends. I know that it's hard paying for college but don't spend every weekend of it working. Go to more events. Football games are so much fun! Also try out basketball, because you never did get to a game, and that's sad. 

3// Don't get the meal plan. I know you think it's easier to just walk in and eat, but that food isn't the best food. Cook something! Yes, you are going to burn a plate or set an oven mitten on fire, but it's ok! When you have day a week where you and your friends all get together and cooking, cherish that. It's hard to believe, but it's going to go by fast. People will move, and get married. 

4// Try your best to stay in contact with the people that matter to you. Some of those will be back from high school, but some of those friends you're making right now. You're going to feel awkward and not want to say hi to the people sitting next to you in class, but it's fine, trust me. I can promise you those people are feeling just as awkward and would like someone to study with. You see them around campus all the time, and you have multiple classes with them, it's nice to have people in your major that you can be friends with.

5// Try not to think way too far in the future. There is a pressure you're feeling to know what you want to do with the rest of your life, ignore that. Definitely pick a major, but you don't have to know from freshman year what you want to do. Between me and you, adults are basically older versions of you who are still learning what they want to do with their lives. It's ok!

6// Some of your best memories are going to be spur of the moment ideas. As long as those ideas don't hurt your or anyone else, go! Try line dancing, go on a road trip to NYC, throw buttons off of your balcony at the neighbors balcony (it's ok they become your friends later). 

7// 2 hour drives really are not that bad, go visit your family and friends! I know if feels like such a long drive, but it's not! If you don't, when you do move farther you will wish that the drive was only 1.5 hours to get home. Make sure you eat your moms food when you go home, it's good!

8// Don't spend all of freshman year in your apartment watching CSI, that place has mold, and you will get mold poisoning! I really wish I had known that!

9// Your first car is not going to be the nicest of cars, but you will love Winston. Good name right! I thought so. Some people will have really nice cars as their first car, but they also get in accidents and then their car is worth the same as yours. Winston is a good car, just try to keep him cleaner. 

10// Always remember to be you. It's hard when there is pressure to be someone else to fit it, but that person is lame! Just be yourself, stick to what you believe in, and if you feel like maybe you shouldn't date that one guy, don't! Some people will like you and other won't. If you keep trying to be their friend, it's just wasting your time. You can't make people like you, it isn't fun but it's true. A lot of the time, the reason has nothing to do with you. They're struggling through things too. Be there for them when you can and understand that people are flawed. Ya that's heavy, but it will help you in a lot of ways to know that.

If you are in college right now, remember just to do your best! If you want to know about my experience in college or need advice, I'm not an expert, but I did go though college. Feel free to ask any questions!