10 Easy Ways to Save Money

Being someone who would rather spend $1,000 on a plane ticket than $40 on a dress, it's important to figure out easy ways to save money in everyday life. Here are a few tricks I've found.

10 easy ways to save money.jpg

1// Spend as little as possible on the days you work. I work anywhere from 5-6 days a week. During that time I do my best to save on the simple things that add up. Bring your lunch to work instead of buying. If you want coffee, pick the two days you think are going to be the hardest at work and stop and get coffee. For the rest of the days, bring your coffee from home.

2// Save on Coffee. When you are in line waiting to order, think through your options. You could get the black coffee, or you could get the large, double espresso, whip cream, bla bla. By making your order simple you not only will save yourself a few bucks but you will also save yourself calories. Win win!

3//  Keep your goals in mind. It's so easy to buy things you don't really need when you feel stuck. Keep your eyes on the prize! Wouldn't you rather spend that money on a dress in Rome, or a baguette in France than on that kinda ok necklace from the mall? 

4// Give yourself spending money. I know this sounds counter intuitive but it's important. If you spend weeks or months on end not spending any money, you're more likely to snap and buy a big ticket item just to buy something, or at least I am. On your days off spend some money on yourself, after all you did just work all week. The important part is that your spending your money wisely. If you buy a pizza and have a movie night with friends, you will be getting more for your money than if you bought a dress that you only kind of liked. 

5// Clean your closet. There are many places that buy slightly used clothes. See what you wear and what has been sitting in your closet for months. I read this tip and it has been a favorite of mine for my entire home. The tip is, If you don't have a happy feeling when you see that item it should go. Isn't that fantastically simple but so impactfull! If you look at an item and think of a memory that you don't like, or don't have any happy feelings about it, why do you still own it?

6// Read the price tag. That little heartbreaking white tag is an important one to read before you fall in love with an article of clothing that is out of your price range. When you do find a piece that you love, but it's just a little too much money, save that item in your mind and check for it at other stores that are more cost effective. There are a lot of "look a likes" out there, you just have to hunt for them.

7// At my job there is an option for me to have part of my paycheck go automatically into a 401k. Now, it's not always fun to have less on my paycheck, but I know I'm automatically saving for the future. The earlier you start to save money the better, due to interest and a bunch more boring stuff. It's true though. For me, the easiest way to save money is if I forget I'm already doing it. 

8// Hang dry your clothes. I've accidentally brought myself to this point because I keep buying clothes that are "line dry" or "lay flat to dry." I really don't mind it. It helps me save on electricity and my clothes aren't shrinking. I would recommend drying your towels though, they are more fluffy that way. 

9// See what's happening locally by checking your local town calendar. Art Fairs and Festivals are good ways to explore and spend little. You can buy breakfast and walk around for a few hours; you're getting out of your house and still saving money.

10//  Keep track of what your spending. For some, if you have cash in hand it's harder to spend money because you are literally seeing it leave you. Know what your weaknesses are and keep an eye on them. We can do this!!