Throw Your Own Gilmore Girls Party

What comes before part B? PARTAYYYY. I am beyond excited for the new Gilmore Girls Episodes and you should be too. Here are a few tips to make your night a Gilmore worthy night.

1// Snacks! Weather you will be watching on your laptop, a huge flatscreen, or a tv the size of Lorelei's season one, it all starts with the food. Take out all of your menus from the drawer and start calling. Chinese, pizza, popcorn, ice cream, redvines, pop tarts, pancakes, and even throw in a bop it on the table for good luck. 

2// Theming. The Gilmores know how to throw a themed party. Decorate your viewing area with items from all seasons. Drink out of coffee mugs, put up your no cellphone sign, and make sure you have yellow daises spread throughout the room. Also add one box of cornstarch for extra Gilmore points. 11111

3// Drinks. Add some extra fun with an Emily style bar cart. Add some mixed drinks in or Founders Day Punch. It's a great edition to any Friday Night. You also have to have coffee! 

4// Have everyone make their own paper hat to wear during the episode. It's such a great way to involve everyone in the party, and laugh at how no one can do paper machete. By the entry way have "Team Jess", "Team Logan", and "Team Dean" pins that everyone can pick and wear to show their support, and finally find out who is correct.

                                                  Printouts can be purchased from  this etsy shop

                                                 Printouts can be purchased from this etsy shop

5// Put on some fake tattoos, put some pink in your hair, wear a purple wig, or wear plaid and a backwards baseball cap, do whatever you want because you're the host and its your party. 

Ok, you're ready. Invite the Gilmore Fans for Friday Night dinner and watch like it's 2007!! Have fun, and bring the tissues for all the feels. Never forget, the plural of cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac.

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