Nine Ways to Have A Relaxing Weekend

Work and Life can be stressful. It's important that we also take time during the weekend to relax. Here's how...

Monday-Friday you get up, get your life together enough to make it to work on time. Work 8-10hrs, go home, do laundry, make food, try to relax, sleep and then wake up the next day and repeat. Now although not every week day looks like this, more of them do than we would like to admit. Monday-Friday or Wednesday-Tuesday, whatever your work week looks like it's so important to make sure you make time to relax. I like to call it a "Slow Saturday." 

A Slow Saturday doesn't mean that you're doing nothing on Saturday, but it does mean that you're being intentional with your Saturday. Here are a few ideas to make sure you're using your weekend to its greatest advantage.

1// Coffee!! Obviously this was going to be first! This can be what you make of it, whatever makes you feel more relaxed. Maybe you get up 10 minutes early and heat up water to make yourself a french press at home, or maybe you get up slightly early and go to your favorite coffee shop to enjoy your people watching for the day. 

2// Pick out your outfit the night before. This has drastically changed my morning during my work week, and it's just as important for my weekend. There is something stressful about having to get up and decide things right away. Set yourself up for success by picking out what you're going to wear and hang it up in the bathroom the night before.

3// Pamper yourself right away. We all have those face creams or face wash products that we love so much that we don't use them every day. (Please say I'm not alone in this!) On Saturday, break those out. Its such a small way to pamper yourself, but put on your favorite makeup for no major reason at all, just because you want to. 

4// Be a tourist in your city. Look up what's happening this weekend, or maybe visit a place you've already been to but love! I can't wait until its spring/summer in Denver. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is visit the Botanical Gardens. The $12-15 is so worth it for me to enjoy a day walking around in all the flowers. (They also have a brick oven pizza they make, yass)

5// Walk instead of Drive. I've lived in very walkable cities and ones that you really can't walk to anywhere in. Either way, drive if you have to to a more walkable area of your city and take a 20 minute walk during golden hour. Drive to the mountains, or the beach, or to your favorite neighborhood and just walk. You'll be amazed how much more creative and rested you'll feel. 

6// Don't let the weather get you down. If it's sunny it's so easy to have a "good day", but when it's gloomy we have a difficult time. Make a conscious effort to remember that this is your Slow Saturday and rain or shine it's going to be a good day!!

7// Plan something for the evening that you know will give you energy. If you're an extrovert maybe you plan a dinner with friends, or maybe if you're getting burt out by people you plan to go to the movies by yourself and take yourself on a date. 

8// Listen to your favorite five songs. A great way to make sure that your Slow Saturday sets you up for the week is to listen to your favorite songs. Let me explain. During those five songs, this is your moment to clean your home, or do the dishes, or separate your clothes for the laundry. During these five songs you can write down a meal prep list for the grocery store, or make your bed. Five songs, on average, is going to be about fifteen minutes. You'll be amazed what you accomplish in that short time. 

9// Give yourself a reward. That reward could be the movie you watched to be by yourself for a moment and relax, but that reward could also be a glass of wine. Make sure you earn the reward, but celebrate your accomplishments of the day. That accomplishment can even be not checking your emails, if you're a person who is constantly attached to their work phone. Its your Slow Saturday, don't check the phone unless you really have to!

Aren't Slow Saturdays the best! I love having the busy Saturday when you're excited and have a plan and are going on a trip, but isn't it also just so lovely to enjoy where you're at and breathe?!


Life Lately 2018

Life Lately 2018 - AVintageJoy

Oh 2018 has already been so interesting. I've already been pushed pretty far this year and it's only been two full months. I truly believe this is going to a year of great amounts of growth in my life. I also haven't written 2017 once?! Can you believe that, I think I was just really ready for it to be 2018. 

What I've been learning

  • At Work 

Since January there has been huge amounts of growth of responsiblity at work. I've been focusing on what it means to be a good/fair leader. I want to be a leader that others respect and one that helps them grow and be better at work and in life in general. I've also been trying to define what it looks like to be a responsible leader, and how do you be on top of your game without having to work 12hrs a day, literally! 

  • In Life

I've been focusing more on community and what that means. I wrote a post about a what I do want to focus on this year, generosity. This month I've been diving into what it means to be generous. What it means to be a Proverbs 31 woman, and how that impacts my life and how I interact with people. To be honest, I really haven't read Proverbs 31 too many times because it's always something that is told in church growing up. A girl is told to be a "Proverbs 31 woman". I do firmly believe that, but I also know that so many of the girls I saw with that on their walls were not correctly portraying what that chapter meant. Have you read that chapter of the Bible? That woman is amazing!! She knows what she wants, she is kind, and direct, she has her standards and is doing what she does. Go her!! I do want to be like that. 

  • What's New

My lease is up and I'm in the process of deciding where I should go. It's also hard because I'm not sure if I'm looking for a one bedroom or a two bedroom. I've been so focused on work that I looked up and my lease is already ending next month...oops. I'll have to figure it out soon I guess. 

  • Media

I've been so obsessed with "This is US", all the sadness!! I've also been watching the entire sermon series "Relationship Goals" from Transformation Church. I found it on Youtube. It's such a great representation of what a real conversation about relationships should be. I've also been playing Candy Crush recently, yes I know 2014 is calling, but I feel like it helps my mind escape for a minute and focus on something other than work and spreadsheets and just chill out.

How's your 2018 going? What have you learned this year? How are your goals going?


Live A Life of Generosity

Life a life of Generosity - AVintageJoy

Want to have the best year to date?! We all do right? I firmly believe that there is one action that is missing from so many of our lives in general. That, as you can see below, is..


We definitely don't want to be stingy and known as someone who doesn't have a "giving spirit", but how many of us live a truly generous life? Living a generous life does not mean just being generous with money, although that is part of it. Being someone who lives a generous life means taking the steps to be open when an opportunity arrises. 

To start off your "generous journey" it is a good idea to look at what you spend your money on. No seriously, take inventory in your mind for a moment of what you tend to spend the most of your money on? Write it down, make a note in your phone and keep that in mind throughout the rest of this because it's very true that what we spend out money on is where our heart is.

By that I mean that what we spend the most on is what we value the most. It is similar to the fact that what we really want to accomplish during the week we will. We will make time for things that we think are valuable. We may not be consciously saying that in the moment but, what we feel is best to spend our time on we will. What you take the most seriously is what you will spend your days doing. 

That's a hard reality to let sink in, because so many of us, myself included, spend so much of, not only our money, but our time on things that don't really matter in the end. Things that are more of time wasters than fulfillers. I don't think that's a word, but just stick with me.

We spend time not on building each other up and building a better life for those around us, but we do spend time on so many meaningless things. I say this not to make you, or me, feel bad but to put it back in focus. 

Do you really believe that what you believe is really real? - From The Truth Project

This is my favorite quote because if we truly believed what we believe, it would radically change our lives. We would have to be more generous people because we would realize that life isn't about status. When older people are interviewed and they look back over their lives they never talk about the things that we think are important. 

They don't say, if only I had "x" amount more money I would have really wanted that, or if I had only been the CEO of the company. They talk about quality of life. They talk about wishing they had spent more time with their children, that they wish they had connected with long lost loved ones. They wish they had been more generous with their time and their money. 

I talked about how I don't set New Year's Resolutions, but being more generous than I've ever been is my "goal" for this year. I want to take a more serious look at my goals and keep at the front of my mind what's truly important. Also, If I had to choose one word for this year it would be Generous! 

Do you have a word for this year? How have you been doing on your 2018 resolution? Do you have goals for this month? How are they going? Did you actually write them down?


March Goals (10 in 30)

March Goals - AVintageJoy

Life lately has been very very busy, it isn't a bad busy but a very real busy that causes twelve hours a day of work and a real need for balance, but it's March! I woke up today and the sun was out. It is finally above twenty degrees, and I have time today to enjoy my coffee. It's going to be a good day. I wrote a little bit ago about enjoying the small moments, and that's what my goal is for today. I want to make sure in the middle of my meetings I'm taking the time to enjoy the small moments of seeing the daylight, the taste of my coffee, enjoy that I'm wearing my favorite perfume, and finally wearing sandals!! I love having goals each month that help me see the small moments and not let each month fly by. Here are my goals for this month.

1// Make oatmeal twice. This month I had a very busy day, and after I came home and took my time to make dinner. It was so nice. It has such a sense on accomplishment once you finally sit down and get to enjoy what you just cooked. I want to connect this in small ways over to my breakfast. I know myself, and to put down something like "Make eggs Benedict" is not a realistic goal for this month. I'll go with oatmeal and work my way up.

2// Write down a verse and stick it on the back of my door. Looking at your goals or something that encourages me really helps my mindset. This month I want to add something to my door.

3// Do something that is out of my comfort zone. In January I tried an Arial Yoga class, which is so very far out of my comfort zone, but I learned so much and it was nice to get my mind out of the "norm." I want to do something again this month that is far out of my comfort zone. Learning and growing.

4// PASSPORT! This is the month I'm going to renew it!

5// Cut my TV Cable I don't use it at all, and yet I'm paying for it. I really need to stop that this month!.

6// Do one at home facial/mask. My skin has been taking a beating from the day to day weather change. Today it's 70 degrees, praise!!, but two days ago it snowed. I've adjusted to the altitude but the constant weather change this time of year is brutal for my skin. 

7// Taxes. I know, it's basically like a four letter word, but also it's necessary. I also want to make sure I give myself the time to get all of that done before trying to move. I don't want to be doing both at the same time.

8// Wear my sandals more!! This I can't really control, but the Florida girl in me is so so happy today because I'm wearing my sandals. My poor very white skin is longing for the sun and to wear something other than boots.

9// Take more pictures. I've been really slacking on the picture game. I think it's the winter blues getting me down, but no more!! I really want to take more pictures this month.

10// Remember that comparison is a thief of Joy. It's always funny to me when my name is in a phrase, but this is a very true phrase. If you really want to make yourself miserable, compare yourself to others. If you want to be inspired, learn from others!! 

What are your goals this month? Link me to them! I love to read. 


February Goals (10 in 30)

February Goals - AVintageJoy

True life: I wrote this and never clicked publish. Also true life...sometime you have goals, but not a picture and that's ok. I will put a picture up later, and maybe by the time you're reading this there's a picture, but just know it didn't start that way. I'm not letting perfection, or lateness stop me! Good enough > Never published. 

Ok, now onto the goals!! 

1// Go on more hikes. I forgot how close I life to the mountains. I know that sounds odd being in Colorado, but Florida doesn't have mountains so I constantly forget how close they are to me. I want to go on at least one hike this month.

2// Get my eyes checked. I really need to do this one. It's such a small thing to do, but I've been procrastinating for too long This month it just needs to happen.

3// Passport renewal time. It's time to fight that line and figure it out

4// See the daylight more. Hahaha that's such a real sentence, but also such a sad one. I've been working so much that I'm not really every seeing the daylight, until I have a day off. I want to use those days to my advantage and see the outside world. This aligns pretty well with goal number one, but not matter what I just want to see the outside more.

5// Look for a new place to live! It's moving time, I'm looking this time for a place that I can stay for at least a year or two. (Also, just moving apartments that is, not locations this time.)

6// Have my nails done more this month. It's a constant inner struggle of wanting to either do my own nails or have them done, and wanting to spend that money elsewhere. 

7// Wake up earlier this month and have a slower morning. The majority of my mornings are so quick and rushed. I really want to give myself the time to slow down and focus and remember all the things I need to do each morning. This month I feel is the month of priorities.

8// Stop cracking my fingers. It's a bad habit that I've picked up and had for years, but it's so not good for your hands!! I really want to take real steps to break that habit.

9// Read more. I watched a "What the CEOs do" type of video the other day and one aspect that I really love that they do is read. I love reading, but I'm not good at making it a priority in my everyday life. My goal this month, read for 10 minutes a day/ an hour a week. This way I have more leeway if I can't read each day, I can jut read for a longer period of time one day and still be fine.

10// Stay healthy. There are so many people around me getting sick. I almost got sick last week, but thankfully someone at work had a "mom" recipe and it saved me! Now I just need to snag that recipe for tea from her. Lifesaver!!

Happy February all!! Here's hoping that this month will be a good and productive month, and that my apartment complex will finally take down the Christmas decorations that are still up and shining into my apartment at night!! Please!


7 Things to Remember When Trying to Accomplish Your Goals

Accomplish your goals this year - AVintageJoy

I'm a firm believer in having a plan. In my opinion, if you don't have a plan you're planning to fail. Making goals for yourself is a wonderful way to make sure you keep moving forward. Keeping your goals in mind is what helps you on those days where it's not so easy and it starts to feel like the sky is falling. It's important to keep some aspects in mind when thinking about your goals. Below are a few that I use on a consistent basis when life tries to get me dow. 

1// Remember that if you have a setback, the best timing is sometimes not your timing. I know this sounds super anti what i just said, but it's true. When you're trying so hard and you feel like you're not making any traction remember that many times, the best timing isn't ours. Think back over the goals you have set yourself in the past, did all of those come to fruition in the exact time you wanted them to? If you're answer is yes, more power to you!! I know in my own life setting goals keeps me focused on them, but having the mindset that it is going to take a lot of work and time keeps me motivated.

2// Remember that you have to put your goals in the oven not the microwave. What does that mean? I'll tell ya. Many times with our goals we want to put them in the microwave click thirty seconds and have the result, but it doesn't work like that. When you study very accomplished people, more often than not, they spent years working towards their larger goals before they got to see their goals be a reality. You have to put your goals in the "oven." You start with a plan, work towards that plan checking on it and making sure it isn't burning, adjusting the temperature if necessary and then you get to the finished product. 

3// Honesty time! Many times the reason that we don't accomplish our goals is that we don't put in the work. You have to work towards your goals with an honest mindset. We are all humans, shocker I know!! If you're working towards your goals and you feel like it's taking forever, how serious are you about those goals? Do you wake up and focus on them, or are they in the back of your mind. We all have the same amount of time in the day, we do with it what we feel is important. If you really want to watch that show or cook that meal you find the time to do those things. Are you making time for your goals each day?

4// We need to have a "why not me?" attitude. There are so many wonderful people in the world who are working towards their goals every day. They're getting up and trying to make it happen. Don't sell yourself short. If you have an idea for a project or a product and someone doesn't feel that it's worth it...take a step back, evaluate, and if you still love it, try again! I read that the guy who wanted to make LA LA LAND spent something like 10 years trying to make that movie a reality. He worked so hard at it that eventually someone listened. Same with Hugh Jackman and The Greatest Showman. He spent years trying to get that from a passion project to "the big screen."

5// On that same note, we don't reevaluate. Those in your life that know you very well and have  strong relationship with you should look over your project, in my opinion. Those people can give you a true honest answer, because they know you and love you. Maybe they have an idea that you haven't thought of yet that would take your project to the next level. Maybe they can give you insight that you wouldn't have seen because you're so involved already in the project or goal. 

6// Set steps along the way. If your goals seem too big, break them down into small section. Give yourself something that you can do now. If you want to move to another country you can start with looking into who has done it. What did they do? How does a visa work for that country? Start saving 2% of every paycheck and put it into another account so that you have the money to move all of your things. Do you know anyone who lives in that country? Smaller steps help you move towards the goal without feeling overwhelmed.

7// Lastly, give yourself grace. When we make a goal, sometimes that goal changes and evolves and that's ok. To use the above goal, if you start with wanting to move to another country and eventually you realize that you really love where you live, that's totally ok! You've learned from your goal. You've grown as a person, and then you set another goal. Always keep learning!! It's so good for you as a person and it keeps your mind sharp! 


Why I Never Make a New Year's Resolution

Don't Make a New Year's Resolution - AVintageJoy

At the beginning of last year I did a post called "My Not Goals for 2017" and I still fully believe what I wrote. I personally don't make New Years resolutions. With the way my brain works, as soon as I forget a day of "no gluten January" or "I'll workout every Monday/Wednesday/Friday" then I get discouraged and end up not doing the resolution in its entirety. 

I find that if I have goals based upon the month where I can accomplish the goal at any time during that month I'm much more successful with my goals. It allows me that freedom to do them when I can.

In 2018 there is something I want to do though. I want to be more generous this year than I have ever been before. More generous with my belongings, with my time, and with my talents. Here's why I think you should do that this year too.

I remember a time last year that I was so stressed out. I was working all of the time, I felt like I was bairly sleeping due to the stress, and the sleep I was getting was spent dreaming about work. Yeah I know right! Why is working following me into my sleep?! During that time I had the opportunity to volunteer. Although I felt that I had no time, I for some reason said yes. What I wasn't expecting to happen was those tow-three hours that I spend volunteering with those kids cleared my mind in a way that hadn't happened for months. I wasn't focused on myself, I got out of my head and focused on someone elses needs. 

The next day I went back to work more relaxed than I would have been had I not spend the previous day with those kids. I felt rejuvenated. I will give you a quick warning though... don't volunteer to feel better about yourself, because honestly if that's why you're being generous, you're not really being generous, you're being selfish.

But take a serious step back and rethink your strategy for this year. Remember, in a not morbid way, that you're only on this earth for so long. What do you want to spend your time and money on? I want to spend this next year remembering that "my things" and "my time" really isn't my time at all. What do I really own? If I'm being honest with myself, everything I have is really just rented and is a gift. I want to "regift" in the best way possible. I want to spend my money helping others and lifting them up, I want to spend my time as wisely as possible. I want to be generous. So many people see themselves as a generous person, but how generous are we really being in our day to day lives? 

That's my "not goal" for 2018. I want to live this year as generous as I can be. It will be hard to start because I'm so use to thinking "my things" are my own, but I'll get there! One step at a time.

Who's with me?!