-About Me-

Hi, my name is Joy. Nice to meet you.
The most important aspect of my life is Jesus, everything else is secondary. I absolutely love traveling and I'm always looking for any opportunity to explore. I most recently moved from Florida to Colorado and I'm loving the change. I credit Gilmore Girls for speaking fast and being a large influencer in my love for all things coffee. 

-About the Blog-

AVintageJoy is a place for you to relax and refocus. To help you set goals each month, and travel where you want to go! It's about keeping what's important in life always at the forefront of everything you do, keeping a good balance between work and fun, making sure that your house is a home, and that you're making memories along the way. This blog is a combination of my love of travel, people and Jesus. You'll find me eating my way through London, my Monthly goals, how valuable I believe you are, and so much more. Explore and enjoy!

A great way to contact me is via email avintagejoy@yahoo.com